Jul 30 2013
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game refresh rate?

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I'm not sure if it's determined by the game or just the tv, but I have a 55 inch hdtv and I love playing games in the vivid video settings, the only problem is that there is some screen tearing if you turn the screen or character really fast. It's not really enought to bother me, but I was wanting to know if this is done through the tv or the game. My tv has a 120hz refresh rate, and I've noticed if I turn of 120hz there isn't any screen tearing, but the game seems slower.

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Re: game refresh rate?

Jul 30, 2013

a TV's refesh rate is fake.... it is post processing ad only gives the illusion that its doing something that the original video signal isn't really doing.


Screen tearing is a function of the GAME and how the PS3 is processing the game.


GT5 is the most notorious IMO for tearing.... But the game was not very efficiently coded either and it does take a lot of the PS3's processing power to run. 


Don't worry about your TV's refresh rate playing video games. You're supposed to leave it off anyway, otherwise you'll get input lag.

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