Dec 29 2012
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HELP HELP HELP!!! I can't get on line with my Black Ops 2

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I log in as the same user that I have for 6 years. But when I go to my Black Ops 2 game and attempt to play online it tells me "NOTICE Guest accounts are restricted from accessing this content". I've been playing this game since it's inception and I'm ticked. If anyone can help that would make a guy really happy.


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Re: HELP HELP HELP!!! I can't get on line with my Black Ops 2

Dec 29, 2012

¤ Is the controller set as controller 1?  I've have a wheel and it gets set to controller one and my dualshock is set to controller 2.  I just push the ps button down until the controller menu shows up the change the dualshock from controller 2 to controller 1.


Hope this is the problem

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