Jun 30 2012
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inFamous Glitches

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I just beat inFAMOUS 1 and while I was playing it, it was really glitchy after I had bought it. This is what happened, I'd be playing and Cole's body would go through the ground when the Reapers or whomever threw a grenade and killed him. Cole's arm/hand would go through the bad guys' body. When I tried to ride the tracks Cole wouldn't ride them, it would just make me walk. Near the end of the game Cole went into a building. Sometimes when I'd be climbing a building I'd go through something such as a small balcony railing. After that I'd just land on the small balcony. Oh and the worst part that happened a few weeks ago is the fact that when I aim his hand right it goes left, and when I aim left his hand goes right. The up and down controls to move his hand work perfectly though. What should I do because I've already tried to see if it was corrupted, but it wasn't. Anyways can you help me?

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