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Re: My thoughts on why inFAMOUS will beat PROTOTYPE

May 24, 2009

Ghados wrote:

Yup, this demo convinced me that inFAMOUS will beat out Prototype. Why? A few reasons...


1. Prototype is set in a much larger scale. The people around the city are faceless AI's...they mean nothing. In inFAMOUS, those people are a lot more important. Occasionaly you hear them comment on the situation...sometimes they will even walk up to you in-game and ask you to deal with a mugger, etc. Other times you must make a tough decision. Do you revive the wounded bystander and earn valuable EXP to earn new powers, or do you leech their life energy, saving yourself, but killing them? 


2. Prototype (as far as I know) will not deliver as much as an immersive experience. For example, in inFAMOUS, the city is a living hell. Crooks run wild and the REAPERs can and will attack you at any time. Hostage situations may even arise. I was confronted with a similar situation. Scaling a building, I looked over to see three gunmen holding a person hostage. Do I risk death and save him, or just go about my buisness? They can't see me! I could get away easily...I chose to save him however...he thanked me and ran away back into the streets... 


3. You feel like the hero (or villain) in inFAMOUS. In one mission, I was tasked with taking out a large armored truck some thugs were driving recklessly through the city. As I pursued the truck, blasting Reapers as I ran, it felt like I was watching a movie. The truck took a turn, and I ran up some steps...dodging bullets and hearing the explosions and screams of innocent bystanders...and I jumped into the air and blasted furiously at the truck. Before I knew it, it was all over. The music stopped...the enemies fled, the screams died down. All that lay before me was a burning pile of metal and a feeling of being a hero. 


And those are the reasons why I think inFAMOUS will beat PROTOTYPE.

I respect your reasons but I'd have to disagree. 


1. The civilians in both games have faceless A.I. because none of them will have anything important to contribute to the story unless they are part of the main story.


2. Prototype isn't a mindless game.  A lot of people like to compare Alex Mercer to the Incredible Hulk? Why because he can dish and take on the same amount of damage? If anything, Alex Mercer is an incredibly smart character with Spawn-like abilities. 


3. While the karma system in InFamous may make you feel like a hero or villain, it has been done in many games before it such as True Crime: Streets of L.A. Relatively, it's nothing special or new, just tried and true. The beauty about Prototype is that the developers make you believe that you are unstoppable but the truth is, there are greater forces at work that are trying to stop you. 


Overall, I think both games will be great. Just because InFamous is exclusive doesn't mean it's better than a multiplatform game. Dead Space or Siren? Call of Duty 4 or Killzone? The list goes on.

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Re: My thoughts on why inFAMOUS will beat PROTOTYPE

May 24, 2009

warezIbanez wrote:

Romudeth wrote:

SumMischief wrote:
I always had plans on buying both ... so which is better who cares?

The people who only want to buy one game?


I'm with you though, I'm getting both myself. inFAMOUS is made by sucker punch and they haven't let me down yet and Prototype is working off of the Hulk: Ultimate destruction engine so even if the story sucks for that game it will still be a hell of a lot of fun destroying the city.


That's the real argument there, which studio would you rather give your 60 bucks to? Sucker Punch is a way more reliable and overall recognizable studio due to its portfolio. A game developer only loses a fanbase when its fanbase knows they aren't willing to deliver on their next game, and Sucker Punch looks to have another killer series in its hands.


It was easy to get exited over inFAMOUS because it was made by sucker punch. That's for sure. The Sly Cooper games were all amazing and from I have played of inFAMOUS, this will also be as great. I guess if people only had enough time or cash for one game I'd recommend inFAMOUS. I'll be getting both inFAMOUS and Prototype but I'm getting Prototype mostly because I like the game engine and want that Hulk: Ultimate destruction kinda fun for my PS3. Prototype may turn out not so great but I am not worried about inFAMOUS. I know that games gonna be good.
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