Jan 27 2017
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New Second Son DLC

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From a gamers point of veiw I enjoyed Second son, but cant help but note the fact that it was missing some key elements, For starters Missing elements like a Karmatic bomb for The Concrete Power, More upgrades for the power, Another Idea That crossed my mind was a Eugene Backstory, Similar To First Lilght, but instead After The Escape, I say this due to the fact he had a huge role in the lantern district and from how the D.U.P Respond to the Angel attacks through the story, some know where they're coming from, even though delsin does show up in the middle of it at some point, before that, the D.U.P we're rounding up Potential Conduits or "Diviants" as i'll say [pemarking previous games].

Paper Trail was a nice small DLC, compared to what can really be done, as was specualated once during the small questline was that you would aquire paper powers or 2 more blast cores for the concrete ability giving it more upgrades and different abilities Making more use of the the other buttons on the controler such as Triangle, And  L1.

L1:  When on the Ground Creates A Pillar that launches Delsin in the air [similar to Cole's Ice Launch, and D.U.P Members], when pressing it again it does the Triple Lift Ability
Triangle: Triangle Has two different uses, when in normal mode it creates a sheild, when in Karmatic Fever mode it can be used to become a Concrete Serpent allowing underground travel. [runs out when concrete energy is deplenished, the energy deplenishes each time he takes a hit, or when too much power is used] 

Concrete Serpent: Much like agustines Golem, this is a lesser variant, and is slightly weaker than her, pressing Circle makes you burrow underground, pressing Circle again brings you back to the surface, R2 Fires A More Powerful Shard Shrapnel, L1 does a Tail Slam, and X Preforms a finisher move

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Re: New Second Son DLC

Feb 22, 2017

The game is almost 3 years old and i'm sure that Sucker Punch is working on a new game.

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