Apr 03 2014
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Just Beat Infamous

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 just beat infamous and hands off to sucker punch. just a amazing game. graphics and gameplay both are top notch. if this is the beginning of the next generation i cant even imagine the end.



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Re: Just Beat Infamous

Apr 9, 2014


but... I feel that they got me emotionally against the villian, but not attached to the characters... I wish there would have been more nostalgia in it. It didn't feel enough like infamous ya know? Infamous always gave that light, plasma-like, feel to it where days were bright and filled with bright explosions. infamous 2 had such an amazing story, I wish they would have taken the time to do another story that amazing.


but yeah it was pretty neat


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Re: Just Beat Infamous

Apr 13, 2014

Unlike the first two games, I actually thought the "Evil" ending in this one was more fitting than the "Good" ending. I'm hoping this becomes the canon ending and we possibly see a Cole vs. Delsin story in the future -- if Sucker Punch somehow brings Cole back. Maybe Delsin could be the leader of a group called "The Second Sons." (?)


But yes, graphics were top notch -- the rest was okay, in my opinion. I'm loving Paper Trail more than the main story.

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