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To sucker punch productions hello my name is austin and I am a huge fan of the infamous franchise and would like to give some ideas for a game. Now I know you probably get a lot of people saying this but I hope you consider this as I put a lot of time, and thought into it.

This is just one story line idea. A missile is launched at a unsuspecting nation from some where in the ocean when the missile detonates the it releases a pulse of energy that activates a large group of conduits. The region is sent into unrest and the American government offers to send a D.U.P. agent that will investigate the explosion and defeat the rouge conduit the twist is that the agent is a clone of Delson Rowe who was made by Augustine as yet another plan to make people fear conduits and the D.U.P. seem needed however no one not even the agent knows that or what his current mission really is. He then runs into a massive fight between conduits. This is where you get your first set of powers after which all other conduits run away for fear that their powers would be stolen. Throughout the game you encounter drones, choppers, boats, tanks, and even mech suits powered by blast shards that give special powers to the machine like mech suits that can heal them selves with electricity, tanks that shoot ice, and helicopters that become smoke tornados( this is where you gather a lot of your blast shards).

You encounter several people and factions that depending on your karma will be friends or enemies to you. This also determines how you gain your powers. Throughout the game you uncover a mystery that tells the main story you already know you play as Delson's clone but without Augustine pulling the strings so you don't know what's going on over time you discover that the person that launched the missile and started this whole thing was the leader of the nation your currently in who was working with the Americans to stage a war in the region to help develop new weapons one of those weapons being you!!!!!!
On good karma you fight back to prevent a war that would lead to billions of conduits in a arms race that would likely destroy the world. And on evil you take over the project and start the war on your own.

The powers are all mostly the same but vary depending on the element.


Bacteria blast: you spit toxic and acidic bacteria out of your mouth and use it as a projectile weapon( you can upgrade this to disorient your enemies by shooting there heads).

Tendril toss: you transform your hand into a mass of tendrils that act like a black hole grenade to disable your enemies.

Claw: your hand becomes a claw and tears through your enemies.

Drain animals: you can drain fish, birds, cows, deer, bugs

Beast flight: you use the inFAMOUS festival of blood flying power to turn into a swarm of flying creatures.

Beast glide: you surround your arms with a flurry of insects that allow you to glide on top of them.

Bone missile: you turn your own bones into an explosive projectile.

Spider man: you can drain people of there blood to increase your health and ammo for evil karma or wrap them in webs for good karma.

Karma overload: you turn into a cluster of bees, ants, spiders, scorpions, rats, bats, and when in water fish.

Environmental karmic overload: when surrounded by a large group of people or animals you can drain them all at once( ionic drain inFAMOUS 2).


Concrete shrapnel: you fire a stream of rapid fire concrete shards. When zooming in you can hit strategic points to incase your enemy's in concrete.

Bolder dash: you run at super speed shrouded by a shell of concrete which turns into a ball when you jump or climb( neon light speed inFAMOUS second son/ first light).

Concert barrage: you create three giant concrete shuriken (throwing stars).

Drain concrete: you refill your health and ammo with the side walk and concrete buildings(asphalt drains the street).

Concrete glide: you surround your arms in concrete giving you the power to jump and glide.

Concrete Shotgun: you can charge you concrete shrapnel to do more damage in a greater area but with less range.

Concrete shield: you can place a barrier on the ground to protect what ever is behind it

Concrete hammer: you surround your arms with concrete and beat your enemy's.

Karma overload: you launch off the ground with a concrete pillar and come down to the ground on top of the pillar and create a shock wave of concrete pillars.

Environmental karmic overload: if on top of a parking structure when you launch your self you don't come down on your pillar instead you go right through to the ground floor causing the entire structure to explode.


Lightning bolt: you shoot lightning at your enemies.

Megawatt hammer: you shoot a intense cluster of electrons at your enemies that explodes on contact.

Polarity wall: you create an intense wall of magnetic energy that can block attacks.

Electric grind: you can launch your self forward and up using wires, poles, and rails.

Static thrusters: allows you to glide through the air.

Electric drain: you can drain electricity from objects to increase your health and power.

Gigawatt blades: you use your electricity to make blades come out of your hands.

Karma overload: you call a massive column of lightning from the sky to roast your foes.

Environmental karmic overload: if you are in a power plant you can summon multiple columns of lightning from the sky.


Glass shards: you shoot small glass spikes.

Glass missile: you fire a large glass spikes that exploded on impact.

Glass sword: you forge a blade out of glass to attack with.

Glass glide: you surround your arms with glass blowing wind to help you glide.

Glass cannon: you transform into a giant glass missile and fly across the sky( a cross between agent kuo's power from inFAMOUS 2 but with cole's vampiric flight from FESTIVAL OF BLOOD).

Drain glass: you can drain glass from cars and buildings.

Mirror magic: you throw a glass grenade that create a reflection of you that your enemies may attack it instead. It will eventually explode.

Karma overload: you fire balls of glass into the air that grow into spike balls that focus light into lasers and then explodes and rain shrapnel.

Environmental karmic overload: if you are in the desert, on a beach your karmic overload will cause glass to rise from the ground and encase your enemies.


Pyro shot: you shoot burning oil out of your hands in short bursts that have a chance to ignite.

Oil missile: you fire a ball of oil at your enemies that will cover them in oil and will explode if lit.

Oil slick: the bottom of your feet are covered in oil and you glide along on them. Ignite your feet to give a boosted jump( inFAMOUS 1 and 2's rail and wire slide but on all surfaces).

Jet: you shoot flames from your hands to glide or go higher( concrete jump and glide inFAMOUS second son).

Oil punch: you punch your enemies with fiery fists of oil.

Karmic overload: you creat a tsunami of oil.

Environmental karmic overload: by draining a giant oil sphere you can increase the size and power of your karmic overload.

Wire shot: you shoot small metal wires at high speeds.

Wire whip: you whip your enemies with wires(melee Delson's chain).

Wire strip: you blend metal from cars, pipes, and cables to heal yourself and refill ammo.

Wire missile: you fire a cluster of tightly coiled wires that lash out at your enemies when it hits the ground.

Zip line: you fire a zip line then reel in to move around and destroy enemies and objects( similar to inFAMOUS 2's lightning tether).

Wire glide: wires come out of and spin around your arms to help you glide.

Karmic overload: you fire wires into the ground and they start firing out of the ground and walls going in all directions.

Environmental karmic overload: when near a skyscraper you can attach several of your wires to it and bring it down on your enemies.


Smoke shot: you fire burning cinders from your hands.

Cinder blast: you fire a shot gun blast of cinders from your hand.

Sulfur bomb: you hurl a exploding cole full of sulfur at your enemies to incapacitate them.

Smoke missile: you fire a vortex of heated smoke that explodes on contact.

Drain smoke: you can drain smoke from cars or chimneys to refill your health and ammo.

Karmic overload: smoke tornado( ionic vortex from inFAMOUS 2).

Environmental karmic overload: if you smoke dash into an industrial chimney you can come crashing down like a human explosion.


Stick it to em: you fire small dense spiky sticks at your enemies.

Spore bomb: you chuck a explosive ball of spores that disable opponents (sulfur bomb from infamous 3 smoke powers).

Wooden missile: you fire a large stick that explodes on contact.

Wooden knuckles: you cover your arms in bark and knuckles in twigs and punch your enemies.

Vine whip: you grow thorn covered vines from your arms and whip your enemies and grapple objects and zip line from place to place ( see wire).

Drain plants you can absorb trees and bushes to restore your health and ammo.

Leaf flurry: you create a flurry of leaves around your arms that lift you off the ground to glide.

Karmic overload: you grow an over growth of plants that takes out your enemies.

Environmental karmic overload: if you activate your karmic overload in a dense wooded area the trees will grow extra branches and attack your enemies.


Neon beams: you fire beams of neon plasma.

Stasis bubble: you throw a dense ball of neon plasma that traps your opponents.

Light speed: you become plasma and run at super speed and can run up walls.

Drain neon: you can drain neon lights to restore your health and ammo.

Phaser beam: you fire a explosive beam of neon plasma.

Laser whip: you lash out with a stream of neon plasma.

Karmic overload: you rapid fire stasis bubbles then rapid fire neon beams.


Snow shot: you fire a stream of dense fog and slush at your enemies.

Ice missile: you fire a missile made of solid ice and fire it at your enemies.

Ice launcher: you become a missile of ice and launch your self from place to place( a cross between agent kuo's power from inFAMOUS 2 but with cole's vampiric flight from FESTIVAL OF BLOOD).

Frost grenade: you toss grenades that have a chance of freezing your enemies solid.

Drain cold: you can drain water from lakes, fountains, water towers, soda machines, snowy peaks, and the sea.

Frost glide: you glide on icy wind.

Ice shield: you can create a shield out of ice.

Karmic overload: you create a shock wave of ice that consumes your enemies.

Environmental overload: when you are on top of a snowy mountain you can become a living avalanche and rain down on your enemies.


Data stream: you fire a stream of intense electromagnetic radiation at your enemies.

Invisibility: you blend the magnetic fields around yourself keeping people from seeing you.

Data missile: you create programmable missile that locks onto your enemies.

Microwave: you can glide using magnetic waves.

Force field forge: you can forge wings, weapons, and followers from images on screens in order to fly, hit harder, or cover your back.

Drain video: you can drain the magnetic wave that make up computer and television transmissions to increase your health and ammo.

Wing dash: you can fly in short bursts using wings from your force field forge. You can also launch yourself from satellite dishes.

Data sword: you can attack enemies with weapons from your data forge.

Spectral ally: you can create a creature that will help you in combat using your data forge.

Karmic overload: you summon an army of flying spectral warriors that kamikaze into your enemies.

Environmental karmic overload:
You can use your wing dash to shoot yourself into a giant radar dish, fly up into the air and come down as a giant spectral sword with your army of spectral warriors.


Paper cutter: you fire paper thin origami shuriken at high speeds.

Paper forge: you may create weapons, ally's, and your self (shape shifting stealth ability) out of origami and paper mâché.

Streamer: you become a cloud of streamers and confetti and fly across the ground and roof tops( see paper trail inFAMOUS second son).

Fire bird: you launch an origami bird so dense and flys so fast it ignites and attacks your enemies.

Paper mâché: you can encase your enemies in paper mâché.

Drain paper: you can refill your health and ammo by draining cardboard boxes and news paper stands.

Karmic overload: you become a massive flurry of papers that incase all around you in paper mâché.

Environmental Karmic Overload:

Also in inFAMOUS second son Delson's chain and clothes took on the power of the element Delson was using, time to take it... ONE STEP BEYOND and add elemental effects to all weapons and vehicles yes weapons and vehicles.


Explosive weapons: you can add pheromones and venom to your explosions to make anyone who survived go mad on evil karma and knock them out on good karma.

Machine guns and sniper rifles: you use the senses of an animal to slow down time and zoom in further.

Shotguns: you fire a swarm of insects that attack the next person to get near them.

Vehicles: any vehicle you ride in gains 20% improved damage resistance, 20% improved speed, and small quills that do damage to people you crash into.


Explosive weapons: gain a chance to incase your enemies in concrete.

Machine gun: you can create concrete constructs wherever you shoot.

Shotgun: shotguns do more damage.

Vehicles: when in cars you can create concrete ramps ahead of you.


Explosives: increases the power and range of any explosive.

Sniper rifle: when zoomed you slow time.

Machine guns: you can magnetize bullets so when you spray and pray all the bullets get attracted to the people you hit.

Shotgun: your shoot gun now stuns all enemies in its blast for 8 seconds.

Vehicles: you can turbo charge all vehicles that you drive in.


Explosives: explosive weapons gain more power and range.

Sniper rifle: when you hit someone with a sniper round it explodes taking out everyone around them if you miss same effect less damage.

Machine gun: on good karma you can trap your enemies in glass with your machine gun.

Pistol: on bad karma pistol shots explode on contact.


Explosives: leave pools of fire that deal damage where ever you shoot.

Machine gun: two words FLAME THROWER.

Pistol: firry explosion on contact.

Shotguns: shot guns do fire damage.

Vehicles: turbo charge speed.


Sniper rifle: you can attach your cable at a greater range.

Machine gun: rather than shoot a stream of bullets you fire a solid stream of cable.

Shot gun: with one shot you can hit multiple enemies with multiple cables and the next shot connects them all to what ever you want.

Vehicles: all cars can now climb thanks to there own grappler.


Explosives: creates a smoke screen blinding your enemies providing a stealth bonus.

Sniper rifle: explosive rounds blind enemies.

Shot gun: fires large smoke cloud.

Vehicles: VEHICULAR SMOKE DASH nuf said.


Explosives: you can creat a over growth that traps anyone near it.

Shot gun: (see wire shot gun).

Vehicles: it differs with the vehicle.
Cars: wood ramp.
Motorcycle: grapple vines.
Jet: leaf flurry( plant vehicular smoke dash).


Explosives: long rang... extra large... STASIS BUBBLES.

Sniper rifle: long range weak spot detection.

Machine gun: rapid fire STASIS BUBBLES.

Pistol: more damage.

Vehicles: light speed turbo.


Explosives: have a chance to freeze your enemies solid with a bigger range.

Machine gun: you can create ice constructs wherever you fire.

Pistol: you slow your enemies.

Shot guns: you can incase your enemies in ice if you do enough damage.

Vehicles: ice slick.


Sniper rifle: remote hacking. You can hack drones, sam sites, and turrets at a distance.

Vehicles: your vehicle can turn invisible to help you escape.



Sniper rifle: shots will do less damage but will fly around and attack other enemies.

Shot gun: hit one person point blank and there incased in paper mâché.

Vehicles: paper mâché vehicle can form any vehicle into one of 4 preset vehicles.

Here are a couple missions you should do.

War: various factions and conduits will take over towns and cities and bases and you must help allies take over enemy settlements. if you don 't show at a settlement for a while an enemy force will take it over.

The Puppet Master: everyone loves a good creepy bad guy. This mission starts when you discover a settlement covered in wires and strange creepy robots suspended from those wires that will attack if they get close. On evil karma the puppet master gives you a series of tests after which he gives you his powers( if you don't already have them) and will help you whenever his robots are nearby. On good karma you track down the puppet master and defeat him gaining his power( video forge allies only wire).

The Greater Good: this is a mission where a large city is controlled by the local government and extremely corrupt. They have been cranking out weapons that have caused you and your ally's trouble including a very annoying auto turret that shoots seeds that grow into health and ammo stealing thistles. When here fight off waves of troops until the governments plant conduit comes out to face you. If on evil you kill the conduit by draining him of his powers if you don't already have them. On good karma however you team up with the plant conduit as you were both government assets used to make weapons.

Turret Trouble: you are given a large amount of your element and a platform and told to defend against waves of enemies.


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