Apr 07 2014
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Downloaded game suddenly gone from my system

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I bought Infamous on the Playstation Store and downloaded it yesterday. I played for a bit, but then right before a cutscene (after crossing the bridge in the beginning) a screen appeared that said "Downloading game files" with a dowlnoad progress bar and then something about how I could quit the game and it would continue downloading. I needed a break anyway so I just turned everything off (standby).


So today turned on my PS4 to play it again, and the game is (as far as I can tell) no longer on my system. It's in my library and is letting me download again, so I am, but I'm pretty annoyed. Did I screw something up by putting my PS4 on standby while those files were downloading?


The original download was like 20 gigs, too, and this download is only 5394MB. So maybe this is the "game files" it was trying to download last night? I googled it and didn't find much. This is the first time I've downloaded a very large, full game to my PS4 so maybe there's some funky thing I'm just not aware of where it has to download different chunks of data? Or something?



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