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Jun 14 2013
By: HaoleDave First Son 1 posts

URGENT! Need Moderator: Corrupted save data (Wipeout 2048)

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I was playing Wipeout 2048, and I got an error. It said my save file got corrupted and asked me to delete it. I pressed "no", but then it still kept popping up. I accidently pressed "Yes" and the game started working. But I lost everything. I had a gold medal on every race/node (including DLC). I reached level 50, and only had one more ship to unlock (the piranha prototype ship). 

I was playing the multiplayer online nodes 11-15. At around 14 I reached level 50. I kept playing and playing. I reached 32 wins and 980k points. I was curious to what it would look like if I reached 1 million points. I proceeded to play, and I won the game (getting 20k points), but then the game quit to the main screen. This is where I got the error.


I lost everything. All of my progress. I'm very upset. I could not get help from PlayStation Knowledge Center from a David M (who was very unhelpful) because he just said a moderator can fix this.


I paid for this game brand new, I'm a huge supporter of Wipeout games. All I wanted was to finish my game, and now I cannot because of this issue.

I hope a moderator will respons ASAP, as I feel like this is a very informal way for customer support...

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