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First Son
Registered: 11/28/2010
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Re: Why is the White Knight Chronicles 2 server being taken down?

May 29, 2013

Yeah, joining in here too. It doesn't do the game nor the consumer justice to shut down the service so soon, not offerning any real support, and denying on disc content. The game's driving force is the online gameplay, tackling on dificult quests and adventuring with friends and fellow adventurers. I feel especially sorry for those that spent money on buying DLC for the game  such as tokens, georama parts, etc. Since then, I avoided buying DLC in general, there's no point in spending if what I paid for won't be of any good (granted that the DLC is still available in story mode, but why bother getting the best of anything if you can clear the story at level 40)

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