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Aug 10 2012
By: jos826 First Son 8 posts

warhawk review

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Immediately upon starting the game as a new recruit, you'll set up your basic character model appearance in battle for both your soldier and your Warhawk. Here, you'll select a specific side that you'd like to appear as during your various battles: the Eucadians and the Chernovans. The Eucadians appear to be much more early and mid-20th century in appearance, while the Chernovans seem to be more technological and futuristic. The choice that you make is purely cosmetic, and doesn't really have any impact upon the title whatsoever, especially without the plot. It could've been red versus blue, pirates versus ninjas or any other classic showdown for the ages. All you need to know is that you're enemy is anyone that isn't on your team, and you want to blow them out of the sky and off the face of the earth. 

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