Sep 12 2012
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Wow, after three years of no warhawk...

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I have actually gotten better at playing. As of right now my KDR is a 0.53 but 1 week ago it was a .50. After finally wanting to play a decent online game I decided to play warhawk and my first match I got my **bleep** handed to me, yet again but after rethinking my approach in the battlefield I ended up coming out of every match with a positive. I actaully won four matches in a row and each one I was positive. I thought it was a flook but I went to a different room and had the same results. Then I came back again for a second day and saw that I actually was doing better. I still suck at using the warhawks but actually using the weapons, I have gotten better. 

"I'm not a failure because I didn't win, I'm a failure because I didn't try." - Kev

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