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Nov 30 2012
By: MorNarQc First Son 3 posts

Warhawk is still alive!!!

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Hey guys, just wanted to say to everyone out there that Warhawk is still VERY alive, even with Starhawk and all. Also, if you haven't heard of GuildLaunch, which is the BEST site for hosting Guild/Clan sites, Visit it at to create your ultimate clan page.


I am proud to accounce that thanks to me contacting admins of the site, I have convinced them to add Warhawk and Starhawk games, and I have created the first clan page for Warhawk and Starhawk on this site.


Visit it at


My clan is The Lawbringers [TLAW] and we are a new clan but are present in Warhawk and Starhawk. The name says it, visit page for more info and application!



Warhawk is very much alive, and many who play Starhawk like me play Warhawk still!


Hope to see you in game, and have you PM me to join my clan :smileyhappy:

(Clan stands for Teamwork, Fair play and rule-obediance (Lawbringing))


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