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Nov 05 2011
By: vtcadre Wastelander 983 posts

PF>NF? Come prepare for Starhawk Pro-Flight in DM_DF Server !!AIRWAR!!

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Last month I heard about Starhawk and immediately my mind went back to a game that basically consumed my life for a significant period of time.  I have been setting up a 16 person DM-DF server since and I basically let it run 24/7. 


I use to be okay at flying back in the day, but I would love for some old school people to come out and fly so I can see how I fare.  In a month of flying I have seen less than 10 pilots flying PRO.  '

IMO opinion flying Pro-Flight is one of the most intense gaminig experineces you can have.  It is hard and takes practice, but there is nothing faster paced with more information that you have to react to than Pro-Flight.  I mean the screen is spinning constatntly, but once you get the hang of it and can slow the action down, the game becomes so much fun. 

You will never be able to dodge every missle in the book, or fly out numbered 4-1 and stay alive, (not very often at least),  but that is the point of the game.  Not to ruin the whole balance of the game spinning around like a butterfly. 

I preface this with I am not that awesome at flying, but...

When I have been on my server I tend to take first in almost every match I play.  And since I am usually the only Pro-Flight pilot that makes it look like PF is better than NF.  When in fact, it is most likely because I have mediocre NF pilots. 

So please old vets with Pro and Normal Flight, come back join the server and lets have some fun.  How can any other shooter compare to the unique experience of flying Warhaks. 

****This message was suppose to make both NF and PF that remember me to come back and the one who don't to come out and show what's up****



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