May 11 2012
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Some constructive critisism

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Ok, first of all, a quick introduction, I'm somewhat new here, I'm a gamer. It's been a hobby of mine for a long time, I grew up with gaming, among other things.

I started with sega and nintendo back in the day and I've seen this industry grow and it's changed allot. But I have a few bitches about sony right now.

To get started, As of right now, I feel that gaming as a whole is going backwards a bit. Sony, as much as I hate to say, is a part of this. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no fanboy, and I'm not loyal to any one company. I own allot of consoles and lot's of games. But I remember when gaming used to be simple and cool (Not really).. but things are so different now.

Not to digress too much from the main topic, what's bothering me about sony right now is the fact that every sony product seems to be COMPLETELY disconnected from one another. I work with technology all the time, I set up displays in stores to home theaters and game rooms for customers, I'm also in a bit of sales and most of all, product service and repair.

I LOVE Technology, and gadgets. I also have a few friends who happen to be shnobish apple worms. Everything has to be Apple. I'm not crazy about the apple tree to be honest (Although, I like their products), although I'm a HUGE fan of a system that actually works (Apple Ipad, iphone, imac, macbook, apple TV etc) All those devices work together with no issues.

Which brings me to this point, this is the generation of Connectivity.

No matter what you look at, it has some kind of connectivity, you got alarm clocks now with built-in wifi for weather, facebook updates etc.

We even have refridgerators with wifi so you can check news reports, weather etc. We now have wireless speakers now that work via RF, wifi and bluetooth.

All kinds of new tv's now ship with some kind of app system for youtube, netflix and Sony's google tv runs on the Android platform (Which is awesome), most tv's have USB data connectivity now, for devices like camera's, zipdrives, etc.

Everything nowadays has some form of connectivity to a service or another device. Just like how the Sony tv's can act as wireless monitors for Sony tablets. This is the connection age.

The PsVita on the other hand, is a great piece of technology but right now, it's a bit of a dissappointment (Completely disconnected from everything in my house essentially). I can't mount it as an external storage device on my laptop or my pc, meaning I have to use a special media manager just so my vita can talk to my pc's. Which is fine, I guess, but if they can't let me mount the vita to my pc so I can simply drag and drop, they should have done more with the whole "content manager" portion. Make it look nice and slick, something like the Zune Media player, I don't even own a zune anymore (I got a ipod now) but I still use the zune software to listen to music just because it's so well done. A content GIANT like sony should know a thing or two about making a nice UI to go with something called "content manager assistant"

So that's my first complaint about the vita, other than that, the system itself has a nice UI, it's intuitive and laid out well. I could go on about what would have made the PsVita better, but I wont bother with that right now.

My next complaint is about the games.... I'm sorry, I'm really unhappy about sony's approach to compatibility, I held up my end of the bargan (Bought 2 PsVita systems on launch date) and now here I sit, waiting on sony to get on the ball.. Maybe I'm being impatient, maybe things have changed allot and I simply don't understand what's going on behind the scenes, maybe I'm just asking for too much, but when I look at the PsVita commercial that shows off a guy playing a ps3 game via remote-play, I can't help but weep and ask myself whether I wasted my money or not. All but 3 games work via remote-play right now and I can honestly say I have NO interest in any of them.  I only play pool at bars, not on a console or pc (yeah, I'm talking about you, hustlekings), Wipeout looks cool but the fact that I can play it natively on my vita (Lag free) kinda defeats the purpose and then theres another game that I don't care about. Is it really that hard to get remote play working properly? What's the hold up?

Meanwhile, a friend of mine with a hacked ps3 managed to get several games to work pretty well with remote play via some hack method. Anyway, the vita is obviously capable, I've seen in first hand and I've seen videos on youtube of people playing actual games (not cheap arcade games that I can probably get for free off my mobile phones app market) remotely from the ps3 system. I believe call of duty was one of them. So basically, you have to hack your ps3 and void the warranty just to do soemthing that the PsVita SHOULD have been able to do as soon as I unpackaged it??? I'm sorry but I'm sick of this trendy epidemic of making promisses and forcing people to hold on to their nuts until it's available.

Also, Sony officially shot down the idea of ps2 compatibility, which was a feature I was looking forward to (hoping for anyway). I figured sony would pull the plug on that idea and f*ck me again with an "HD re-release" of the game. It's the whole reason they dropped backwards compatibility with the ps3 in the first place if you ask me. They wanted to save money on production cost and they wanted to make even more money with HD re-releases.. Don't get me wrong, I own a few of the HD remastered games and they look great. But I own somewhere around the neiborhood for 300 ps2 games and I'm not even going to attempt buying them again. And going back to remote play again, I should be able to pop in a Ps2 game into my ps3 and play it remotely... but that wont be happening either, as all I have are slim ps3's now. the original 60gb models have got the YLOD 4-5 times so, I'm done with those. In any case, it would be Nice to play ps2 classics that are sitting on my ps3 at home from a remote location... so see? See the LACK of connectivity I'm complaining about? I'm Sorry to be a negative nancy here, but I don't see success for this device in the long-term if Sony doesn't shake things up and actually think about the gamer. We got a list of features that barely work here, and the stuff that does work isn't what the hard core gamer is looking for.

The market... This is something else that bothers me.. Why does it have to have a completely different market than the ps3/PSP/Foreign Vita?? I guess this comes back to compatibility, but the Vita market doesn't have half the content that's in the ps3 market. And for the Vita to be marketed as something I'd call the ps3's little brother, it's not looking like much of anything.. It has all this potential, but I have yet to see anything major happen yet. Once, again, I think people are gonna get bored and lose interest by the time something substantial happens. I worry that by the time a big update comes up, it'll be too late. Money is burning a hole in my pocket, I want to get my game on and Sony Isn't letting me.. Also, I happened to be at target the other day when I came across the vita display and I got to play the gravity rush demo... I searched franticly for this game/demo on SEN and I had to check around... turns out it's not available on demo for the US market. I had to create a japanese account and jump through hoops to get it... May I ask why we have to devide and screw up everything like this?  I think it's stupid that one country get's a demo that I can't get, that's BS. Anyway.... That's all I have time for right now, I'll be back later on maybe.

I just needed to get this out of my system and hopefully, someone can provide some info or an opinion, they're all welcome and I'd like to hear from someone who may have a better understanding or what's going on. later

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Re: Some constructive critisism

May 24, 2012

Everyone knows the remote play feature is capable with the vita. I do hope they announce something at this years e3 where they'll start supporting ps3 games via remote play on the vita.

We've all seen the kz3 gameplay, it's entirely possible..

You also have to understand that the vita is new to the playstation brand, it takes time for a handheld to evolve into something big...I mean look at the 3ds. It had such a rough start, now everybody is enjoying the hell out of it. Vita's time will come eventually, more devs will be more interested in making games.

I think the vita needs a shooter such as call of duty, that would be easily, a system seller and if it had cross plat play with ps3 players, the sales would skyrocket. It's only a matter of time for the vita becomes a hit.

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