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Mass Effect 2 (PSN)

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two years odds are you have heard of the formally xbox exclusive game mass effect. And if your a ps3 fan like myself you just plugged your ears and said lalalala. However we are now allowed to enjoy Bioware’s latest space epic first hand, as Mass Effect 2 has arrived on ps3.

Mass effect follows the tale of commander Shepherd as he (or she) fights to save the universe from a threat only he recognizes. Bioware has a gift at telling epic tales and mass effect is no different, with a dramatic and well written plot as well as a cast of deep and personally engaging characters. There are times I never wanted to leave the Normandy, I was to busy speaking to my crew. As the story unfolds you as Shepherd must go from planet to planet recruiting specialists to aid you in your upcoming suicide mission. They range from engineer to doctors and you may even befriend an enemy you would have never given the time of day to.

But Mass Effect is not some interactive book, its packed with some of the best combat around. The game merges third person shooting and turn based strategy for an impressive mix that makes every enemy encounter a blast. At any time commander Shepherd can bring up a power ring, pausing the action and allowing him to fire off powers of his own or his squad, as well as assign targets for his squad to attack, places for them to grab cover, and command them to use their own powers. Shepherd can also switch weapons, order his squad to do the same, switch ammo types and more. This all adds up to a deep combat experience unseen in most third person games. Combined with a variety o classes and heavy RPG elements Mass Effect will be a game you can’t help buts love.

However what sets Mass Effect away from the crowd is choice. Not only can you shape Sheperd any way you want, from backstory to looks and even armor. By the end of Mass Effect 2 you will have made 1,000 choices each ranging from helping the cook on your ship to weather you kill an army of robots or convert them to your side, and everything in-between. And these are not for show, every action will have a consequence ranging from if a crew member will like you to if you (and your crew) live or die at the end of the mission. Whats more is that every choice you make will be transferred to Mass Effect 3 (unless you die at the end of ME2) and dramatically impact how you experience that game. It’s overwhelming in scope but fluid and easy in execution. On top of that sits a morality system that shapes how the world sees Shepherd and how he treats others.

I’ll be honest if you asked me to chose my game of their for 2010 before now I would have said without hesitation Red Dead Redemption, however after playing Mass Effect I simply could not chose. This game is deeply engrossing, personal, and no two people will play it the same. Do yourself a favor, pick up Mass Effect 2 from either the PSN store or your local Gamestop as soon as you can.

Now if your worried about not having played mass effect one, don’t be. While Microsoft owns and won’t allow mass effect on ps3, Bioware has I included a digital comic with all new copies (and downloaded) versions of ME2 that will bring you up to speed on the story. The comic is ok and gets the job done, it will bring you up to speed in an interesting way. The comic also allows you to make th major choices in ME that will carry into ME2, however the weight of the choices is lost in translation and don’t play a large role in ME2 as it is. It’s not anything groundbreaking but it does it’s job, and is entirely voiced by Shepherd.

(this entire post was made on my iPad, so if you see some typos please let me know!)


Mass Effect 2 (PS3)
The story is well written and you will be invested in each and every person on your crew. You may not enjoy some moments as much as you would if you have played Mass Effect 1, but the story is to good to miss!
A magic mix of third person shooting, and turn based strategy with squad commands and a nice cover system.
My first play of ME2 was 30+ hours and i didnt do all of the side content, the PS3 version aslo comes packed with 2 free DLC packs and 2 more crew members each with their own background mission to do as well. This game will keep you busy!
Annoying sound hiccups and an occasional cover bug where jarring but not frequent enough to hurt the game. (I played on the PSN version of the game, its unknown if these bugs exist on the disc version as well.)

With the huge amount of choices, different classes to play as, and different squad members to ''romance'' no two Shepards will ever be alike, and you will want to play again and again.
Final Score: 9 Stars out of 10 Stars. A must play!

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Re: Mass Effect 2 (PSN)

Mar 29, 2011

My only regret is that I never played the first for obvious reason.  I can't wait for the dlc tomorrow, even more so Mass Effect 3!!

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