Jan 27 2011
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Magic the Gathering, from PSN

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The quality of this review will be less than ideal because my main motivation for posting is to get credit towards my "Playstation Rewards Beta" quest progress.

This game is available in the PS Store for 15$, as well as three 5$ addons necessary if your goal is to get 100% completion of the game. There are also many 1$ cosmetic addons designed to imrpove the appearance of your rare cards of various deck builds, and a cosmetic upgrade is available for purchase to improve your playing mat/menu.

Im very familiar with the strategy hand held card game that this psn game is based on. I spent hundreds of dollars on boxes of card packs, as early as Alpha/Beta/Iceage sets in the early 90's. The gameplay of the PSN version compares identically to the card game in real life, complete with artwork on the cards along with "flavor text quotes".

The designers did an excellent job of guiding the players through the various phases of the rounds, as well as the necessary ability to zoom in on the cards and the ability to search definitions of gameplay terms.

Also, there is a challenge mode available which places you in the final round of a critical match. The opponent is set up to defeat you in the next round, so youre forced to determine a strategy using the available cards in hand and on table to win before the computer does. I highly recomend doing these hard challenges because you learn advanced strategy as well as earn trophies in this mode.

The campaign is setup like a ladder tournament, where a new uncommon or rare card will unlock for you after each won match, to potentially improve the currently chosen deck build. More deck build choices unlock as you beat more matches (such as different color combination options, or pure decks with strategies such as "vampires"). The only flaw to the deck building process is that you can only customize your "sidebar", by either using new cards, or choosing to remove cards from the available sidebar. Preferably we should be able to remove/replace cards from our original decks as well, but luckily most of the decks are fairly well designed.

Lastly, theres an Online versus mode, which allows for team battles as well as mic/eyecamera support. There is only one hard online trophy, which only unlocks after beating someone else with the silver trophy. Those were orignially earned by beating Magic the Gathering reps that held a game launching party within "Home" near the time of this games original release. But of course this can be earned easily if you find someone lucky enough to already have it, also i believe they will have another Game Launch party within "Home" again soon.

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Invisibility in pic below occured naturally during a random error within Home a couple years ago! Me and my friends shirts/pants appeared this way upon login.
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Re: Magic the Gathering, from PSN

Apr 10, 2011

The game is good, god i been playing MTG since i was a kid, i started around ice age so imagine lol. I dont play anymore so im not so familiar with the new cards tho i have seen many of the cards included in the game. My only complain of the game is that the desks, cards and editions are set up, decks arent so customizable. I wish a MTG game like this arrive but with many old cards and expansions, as many as they can but i think that is too much to ask lol.

Also decks to be more customizable, more than they are now, so you can put the cards that you want.

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