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Dead Nation review

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Dead Nation - Review

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"Grorrrraaarrr".... That’s (Zombie) for I wanna eat your brain. Actually I think everything a zombie Says mutters means, "I wanna eat your brain".

Hello all, this is my review of "Dead Nation" exclusive shooter for the Playstation Network.

Lets me start off by saying I have done 4 play-troughs of dead nation. (There are 5 difficulty options) Brain-dead, Normal, Grim, Morbid, and Undead. This ensures that not only can beginners at top down shooters get to learn the ropes but, that you will spend lots of time playing dead nation. Especially, if you are a trophy hunter.


uhmm... weakest part of the game. There really is no story here, if you just want to shoot is very forgivable. so, Hero (Jack Mcready) or Heroin (Scarlett Blake) are immune to the zombie infection, and they contact this professor who want to help find a cure so he needs you to...blah blah blah blah me you won't care.

Menus + game types

The menus are very straight forward

Solo game - Co-op - Online - Global status -Rankings - Options - and Gallery.

You should be familiar with everything here except for maybe "Global status", what’s new here is a total tally of continent vs. continent for best zombie killers in the world, there are 56 different zombie killing continents, and the game keeps a count of all the zombies killed in your area. This Idea while kind of cool, serves no actual purpose. And Since I have been playing U.S.A. has almost always been in the #1 position.


What developer Housemarque have done is tried to bring that old school top down shooter feeling back. The game consists of 'You see zombie - you shoot zombie" with a few twist. They make it all very worth while by making sure you ALWAYS have zombies to shoot...I mean lots of zombies, if you like shooting things or think zombies are adorable...stop reading and go buy this game.

You start the game with your trusty rifle and a flashlight, (which is always on), killing zombies gives you points, credits (yellow orbs) and multipliers (red orbs). Points are self explanatory, credits are used to buy new weapons and grenade-type weapons, and then there are multipliers. It's sort of a score booster, as it multiplies your score for each kill by whatever #your multiplier is currently scored. Taking damage will lower your multiplier and dying resets it completely. You can also find credits and multiplier points in loot boxes, I thought it was impressive that you can pick which you would like to receive, are you the score junkie? Or do you want a bigger frickin gun?

Speaking of guns...there are lots of em, your good ole trusty rifle (I mean it its the best gun..well to me that is)...Uzis for large crowds, flame throwers, rocket launchers, blade cannons, an electric gun, and what zombie/horror game would be complete without a shot gun, more useful than R2 when zombies cross that comfort More powerful weapons are introduced as you progress in the campaign. (so save those credits), and all can be upgraded from bigger clip, to more power better range, ect ect.   (Note - I have not been able to upgrade every weapon to max...missing 2 upgrades for my shocker ;(

Armor is handled in a different manner. You have to locate armor crates hidden through the game, the come in 3 different categories, Strength, endurance, and agility. strength increases your attack power, endurance allows you to take more damage, and agility helps you run faster, the 45 different armor pieces (15 per group) all come with different ratings, so it depends on how you would like your character to perform, I personally use lots of agility...I run a

And what pray tell do you need all these guns and all that armor for?  lots of zombies, a myriad of zombies types, and strenghts. I loved the variation of zombie types. From annoyingly fast but easy to kill half dead zombies, to bullets - don't - slow - me - down - fat zombies. I won't go through all the zombies, but there are enough variation and combinations to keep you upgrading that latest weapon.


The control mechanics of the game use the Twin stick controls of moving and aiming, the left analog stick runs you around 360 degrees and you have the same amount of control while aiming with the right analog stick . Which make for great control while running (usually away) and shooting at different angles.  R1 is for shooting, R2 is your melee attack, for when enemies cross that comfort zone. L1 uses any of an assortment of bombs grenades Molotov’s ect. The L2 button makes you player dash, which is useful when being pounded on by enemies and for cooling yourself off if you get set on fire....(yaaarrrrrrrggghh!). The Dpad is used for selecting your guns (left/right) and bombs grenades ECT (up/down) it works pretty well and makes switching weapons really easy.


Is that zombie...p..picking its..nose?  ewwww....well you wouldn’t be able to tell, because the game while opting for the top down look, pulled the camera really far back. Your characters are very small, and I was wondering how could anyone play this on a standard TV set? It would be near impossible...actually scratch that thought....I don't wanna know..  While the characters/enemies may be a bit on the distant side, everything from scenery to the zombie models are very detailed. You can make out what every person was before they were zombified. Businessmen, hospital patients, football players, cooks, police officers, ect ect.

The locals are very well done, ranging from hospitals to harbor yards, to graveyards, each has its own uniqueness to set its self apart from the other. However you will be wayyy to busy shooting stuff to notice most of it. What did impress me were the games lighting....shadows everywhere, between fences through small cracks every light source


Oh look honey that Bombie just Farted.

I don't have a surround sound set up, but the sound is still great, the music while a bit generic, is adequate, the ambient sounds and light moans from distant/off-screen zombies are a great touch, you can kick cans and bottles, and almost every piece of litter has its own unique sound.

the games weapon also sound good, rifles, flame throwers, rocket launchers, and blade cannons all have a good strong sound to em. this game will not win any awards in the sound department, but I' sure  everyone will be more than satisfied with what’s included. To show the importance of sound, I was playing with my stereo turned on and I didn’t hear the footsteps of a bombie...who was off screen..Needless to say he ran in and Kaboom..I was gone. if you are playing this game with the lights off and in a  quiet setting I guarantee the sound will play a part in your game play.


Hey make sure you have a friend who plays this game, because finding someone online to play with is a chore...I have waited up to 15 min just to be connected with someone from Mexico who still uses dial up (that's how bad the connection was) but after waiting that long on average, I really was willing to give it a try. There really should be user lobbies instead of just random connections. Luckily my friend from the UK got the game, and we ended it in online co-op. online is the exact same as single player


Dead nation is a solid game, with a few small problems. you can see that the developers have put a lot into making a great top down shooter, if you can look past the poor story and characters, you will find that there is a very addictive game with tons of replay value, no voice chat hurts the online mode , because uhmmm, it’s a million to two ...I would like to speak my last

What I would have like to see was more variation in using your weapons...Like electric gun to power up a genarator that opens up a new area...or using your flamethrower to burn down doors, and while I'm on that topic. Some indoor areas would have been nice. but I guess there is always Dead nation 2.

Overall score 8/10

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Re: Dead Nation review

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Very nice review!

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