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Re: Most underrated game out

Sep 16, 2010

TRUST-COmikieson wrote:

Can you be a little more help on this "MOD" stuff? Can you link some sites? ALSO I have a memory card and ready I can use on the PS3 and PC. Will that work or do I have to have a memory stick?

Any USB memory device works, unless you have an older PS3 with card readers, cause that works too. You can even use an SD card to USB adaptor. Basically anything will work.


You can download some mods from


You end up with a file called USERDATA.JAM and you have to have that file in the ROOT of the memory device (USB Stick or whatever you're using)


Then start the game and go into community and you'll see somewhere where you have to press square to install a mod. It will then copy the file from your USB stick onto the PS3. Done.


The only downside is you can only install ONE mod at a time because all the file names are called USERDATA.JAM so you can't have more than one mod on the USB stick at the same time because they'll overwrite each other.

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Re: Most underrated game out

Sep 17, 2010

I love the game, i got into ut series on pc.

But i have a ps3 and seen it out for it.

I was like cool got it and love it.

The only thing that bugs me about it, it the low frame rate.

It makes me sick to my stomach if i play to long.


They need to patch it to make it faster like pc.

They must think console players are slow to react lol.

Little do they know right?


Anyways it is a very underratted game but at the sametime.

It isn't being supported anymore either, which is a shame.


They could have done much much more to the game.

I hope they break the ball and chain that ms has them on.

So they can get ut4 going.



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Re: Most underrated game out

Sep 17, 2010

Not sure what you mean about "slow"? You can speed it up in the "Mutators" area...I always play on low gravity and speed freak.

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