Apr 02 2013
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" Unit 13 " oh so disapointed

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really don't know from where to start


but it is really pissing me off to find out that there is only couple game that could be really played in ps vita,


tho looking for the price we have bought this machine, and in the end no honorbale game present, 


at first i was so exciting to have unit 13 which it was soo good, 


but suddenly find out that this game no update for it or dlc, which most missioni are similiar, 


now, as a third person shooter lover, i kinda expect more from sony and they have to understand, that there is a huge fan need not to send away if they keep doing that,, 


now i'm so disapointed hope they think to add games  fast 


and looking forward for GOD of war to be in,, 


and unit13 dlc, and kill zone, 


i sound like have no sence now, cause i'm really **bleep** off, 

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Re: " Unit 13 " oh so disapointed

Apr 30, 2013

I agree

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Re: " Unit 13 " oh so disapointed

May 6, 2013

Unless you don't already have these games, check em out, they have given me too much to do. Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Playstation All Stars (awesome vita port actually), Soul Sacrifice, Little Big Planet. If you don't have these games then maybe you should check out the more popular show-off vita games like Uncharted and Gravity Rush. 

All these games listed above are amazing and there are still some I missed.

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