Jun 15 2012
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Please Fix Unit 13 Co-Op [Bugs & Glitches]

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This game has been out for four months, and these glitches have yet to be fixed. A lot of people paid good money and still play this game online on a regular basis so why is it being neglected by Sony? Why haven't they taken the time to fix the co-op? Why are private rooms completely useless? The game tells me that if I host a private room only people on my friends list and in my party are able to see it, yet NOBODY can ever find these elusive private rooms even when changing the search criteria from public to "friends only" or "party members only". We are tired of creating public rooms to play with our friends only for it to be filled up by some random 5 seconds later! And since there is no "kick" option, we have to back out to the lobby and try again until we get lucky! Then once you start playing the game there's that stupid imaginary blue wall that tells me that I need my buddy to pass through, even though my buddy is right next to me and just passed through!! Is it too much to ask for a game to work like it's suppose to?? Sheesh...

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