Jun 15 2012
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all i can say is that i use gamefly as a way to play my games considering i am in college working a minimum wage job. its horseshit that i cant even play uncharted 3 online because i have to purchase some goddamned online pass for a game that i dont even own to play. i'm gonna send it back for another game eventually so im not burning your bandwitdth to just try the game out on multiplayer, i kicked the game's single player's ass in 3 days on hard and i just wanted to try out the multiplayer. this needs to stop. playstation's biggest bargaining chip is being compromised by companies like you making people pay for online play. stop being greedy bastards and allow people to play online else you seriously are going to lose me and many other people to microsoft. the campaign was great and uncharted is a great series but this is getting old. video games are damned expensive and a lot of people cant pay to buy every crappy game that comes out. 50 bucks a year isnt that bad considering im gonna have to pay to play online for every game. multiplayer should be a default to video games nowadays considering the times we live in. this rant probably doesnt matter but i just lost my argument to my friend who owns an xbox. thank you sony for helping me buy the next gen console from microsoft.

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Re: multiplayer

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Jul 27, 2012

Online multiplayer for story driven franchises are usually garbage anyway so I wouldn't sweat it. I stick to games for multiplayer that do it right and are known for their multiplayer like the CoD series, Unreal Tournament......etc. This is just a ploy for game publishers to make more cash, don't play into it. I mean really does Mass Effect 3, or Uncharted really need a multiplayer? I would rather have DLC that send you on new missions instead of some thrown together multiplayer. The Batman Arkham games got it right. I don't even bother using the online passes for most games like this that have added multiplayer because it devalues my game if I want to trade it or sell it,  Plus like I said multiplayer is usually not that good on these types of games and is just an afterthought to make more revenue and combat used game sales just don't buy into it. Hopefully this trend will die out athough I doubt it. Oh and it's not Sony if you wan't to blame someone for this blame EA they are the driving force behind this online pass crap other companies are now just copying them.

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