Feb 07 2012
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chapter select, overwrite ??

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I just finished HARD and want some missing trophies.  I go to chapter select, choose a chapter, then what?  New? Overwrite? Save or cancel save?

I tried it with New game, keep trophies, overwrite and got a missing trophy, however, all future chapters are missing!

I am ready to try crushing & would like to get the missing trophy 1st. How do you do without loosing the data?

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Re: chapter select, overwrite ??

Feb 9, 2012

You say you overwrote your Hard runthrough save file, so as far as I know, chapter select won't be available until you've completely run through the game again. You'd probably be better to do your Crushing runthrough first to re-open those chapters, then use chapter select to get that missing trophy, but do so in a different save file, so your crushing runthrough save file isn't over-written.

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