May 19 2012
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ak 47 may be better then the m9

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Most, not all, would favor the M9. However after ND made the AKs recoil -10%, I think the AK 47 may be a better gun. Maybe I stink at aiming, but the M9 is pretty hard to get long range kills with. The Ak 47, if controlled, is a heck of a lot stronger than the M9. This would not be true before the patch, but now the gun has become more accurate. I know your like, No Way, but try it yourself. The Ak 47 has always been viewed as a gun for beginners, but it has many advantages over other guns.

1. If you unlocked a treasure Ak, you'll get it right away when you legacy

2. Its better than the g-mal at close range

3. RoF is slower than the M9, but its bullets are more powerful

4. Think of it like a Kal 7 with 100 times better accuracy

5. Has good treasure guns

The Ak 47 may be the next big gun, and I hope more people use the Ak now

So, which is better?

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Re: ak 47 may be better then the m9

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Jul 19, 2012

Ak-47 is a good gun....... some times I do better with it than the m9 but its off and on...... you would have to be really acquainted with this gun to do really good all the time..... the real question is...... Is the jade ak-47 better than Marlow's M9

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