May 04 2012
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YouTube - The Uncharted 3 Community - Monster Channel!

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Hi guys.  I thought it would be useful to make a thread related to the people in the Uncharted Community who share their gameplay videos on YouTube.  I am looking to build mine currently (I don't have any videos, I will probably wait until I earn enough money for a Hauppage HD PVR or if somebody can record my videos with their HD PVR).

I don't see any monster, big Uncharted 3 channels out their, so I thought I would start one.  Will need support while working toward this goal!

Also, I want to have YouTube partners.  What I mean by that is I want people to .. support me and my channel, and in return I will support yours.  Darthgeek8 and I have that sort of thing going.

So, yeah!  Post your YouTube channel here, and I will subscribe to it. I will be making videos soon!

What I want to do?



Tips and Tricks/Guides

Let's Play Uncharted 3

... and moar such as ...

Live Trolling Episodes

Random Live Gameplays

... and even moar! ...

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