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Re: Yo Mama's So Laggy...

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Sep 1, 2012

inigomontoya74 wrote:

dman_711 wrote:



We got moved out of Multiplayer General Board.  I don't see how this doesn't pertain to Multiplayer.  It's not like you can lag in Story Mode.

Agreed. Very disappointing. This was a joke thread about a known issue with Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Its intent was to give people a fun and creative way to vent about lag. 


I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since the meme thread was also moved here. But I disagreed with that move just as I disagree with this one.


The meme thread had hundreds of responses and some very funny and creative posts. People liked it. People contributed to it. Yes, it was "fan-created content", but it was also very much related to multiplayer. It fit just fine into multiplayer general. So why would you take a thread that engages and amuses people and move it to a ghost town? Because you think you are a better judge of what the community wants than the community members themselves. I'm going to start a "Restore the Meme Thread" thread.     


User created content may be moved into the Uncharted 3 Fan Created Content section. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.




The Multiplayer Meme Pictures Thread was not locked or deleted. Go post a meme in this thread if you like.

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