Jul 09 2013
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What I thank uncharted 4 should be like.

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For the story I thank it should have more about the past of ether uncharted people like the violins and cloy and cuter you know stuff like how drake knows them, and the story telling should be more like U3 but the story should be more like U1 you know like mysterious and stuff and not as much going around the world like U2 and U3 and I thank the violins should be like how the violins are in U2.

And I thank the gameplay should be like U3 like how you move on that boot just sort of unipue stuff like but have the cool weapons like U2 and I thank it would be cool if everything around you can get deserted like BF3.


What do you guys thank it should be like? And what do you thank of my thoughts?

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This is one of the best videos ever, watch it
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