Oct 15 2012
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Uncharted movie cast

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The only perfect fit I can thionk of is:


Bruce Campell as Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan

Look him up, he is a great fit for Sully. I know the movie producers are just going to go with the people that they know will be easiest to market with, but here are some other suggestions if we lived in a perfect world:

Nathan Drake: Nathan Fillion (if he was younger)

                        Bradley Cooper

                        Ryan Reynolds (?)

                        Chris Evans

                        Ian Somerhalder

                        Matthew Davis


Elena: Emily Rose (Herself)

           Scarlett Johanson

           Kristen Bell

Sully: Bruce Campbell

          J.K. Simmons

         Robert Downey Jr. (I'm a big fan, maybe he could pull it off?)


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