Feb 24 2013
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Uncharted: The Movie (one writer's/fan's vision)

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   Hey guys and gals.  If this has been done before then I apologize and you're free to ignore it. But as a fan, and a writer, I think I have something unique to offer in terms of what the Uncharted movie should be.

   First off, lets take a look at video game adaptations of the past.  Frankly, they haven't been up to par.  The most successful franchise so far has been Resident Evil and those movies don't appeal to many of the hardcore fans of the franchise (me included).  Why is this?  Well, it's because those in charge of that adaptation have taken ideas from the games and have rewritten the entire history of the Resident Evil mythos to fit into their quasi-Matrix/George A. Romero hybrid.  As someone who grew up playing those games, the movies don't really appeal to me that much simply because it's not what I played and the Matrix stuff has been done better in, well, The Matrix.  They twisted the world to fit into their own stories that aren't true to the source material.

   The most essential thing to do in adapting anything from one medium to another is that you have to stay as true to the source material as humanly possible while still allowing yourself enough wiggle room to tell the story you're trying to tell.  If they took what they did in Resident Evil and tried to do it with, say, Halo it would be a colossal failure.  But here's where Uncharted is different.

   With each successive game in the Uncharted series, it is a self-contained story – meaning that anybody can walk into whichever Uncharted game they like and still appreciate the story they're playing without feeling lost. Currently, the plan is to adapt the first game in the series – Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.  I believe this would be a grand missed opportunity on two fronts.  1.) To try to turn a 10 hour experience into a two hour passive viewing would feel like a massive cheat to those that have played the game.  As the old saying goes, “The book was better than the movie.”  That would apply here as well due to the fact that so much would have to be removed to shrink the story that the full enjoyment from those people who have played the game wouldn't be there.  2.)  Throughout the games, the characters constantly make reference to past events that we haven't been able to experience yet. This gives the Uncharted world immense depth to where the movies and the games could coexist.

   So here is my proposition: Make an original story that serves as canon with the games to give the people who have played the games a new experience and to give an audience who are not aware of the universe an incentive to play the games as well in order to further their knowledge of the characters. Collaborate with the people at Naughty Dog to formulate a new story that can be told in two hours instead of going through the trouble of shrinking 10 hours into 2.  There are enough historical mysteries out there to capitalize on.  Plus, we could see exactly why Drake “walked out” on Chloe.  Or what exactly happened to Sully in Peru.  What was the first big “gig” Drake and Sully did together?  Exactly why did Nathan spend time in a Panamanian jail?  The opportunities are infinite and would only add to the richness of the universe without alienating either the current fans of the series or those coming into it fresh.

   As a fan, there is a curiosity to see what Drake's Fortune would look like on the big screen.  But that story has been done way better in the current form its in and I wouldn't want to see it butchered.  The way the stories are told in the games are so good that any direct adaptation of those would end up being sub-par.  They are, after all, better than most current action/adventure movies out there – so why degrade them into something they have already overcome?


Keep up the superb work ND!


T. Meyers


Bio:  I have written several screenplays which have yet to be produced.  One of which was partially inspired by the Uncharted series:  “Sinbad and The Secrets of Pandora” which was a semi-finalist with Amazon Studios when they were still doing monthly contests.  I have recently finished my first book titled “Eric Elmoor and The Gauntlet of Godric” and am currently working on a new original screenplay for a UK production company.

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