Aug 28 2012
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Uncharted Multiplayer freezing.

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My multiplayer keeps freezing whenever I try to pick out new characters and outfits. The music will stop completely, and I can still hear anyone who might be in the party, but if we try to start a match the ring will just spin endlessly.


I'm not sure if my disc is stopping, or if it is because of the new Patch / DLC. Can anyone give me some advice as how to fix this issue so I can enjoy playing once again?


My PS3 is only six months old, I hope it isn't bugging out already. I already laid the "CarlStation" to rest...

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Re: Uncharted Multiplayer freezing.

Aug 29, 2012

I posted this in another thread and it might help...



 1)Have PS3 on standby mode (red light on)

2)Hold down the power button, the system will turn on but keep holding down the power button until the system shuts off again.

3)Hold the power button again and you'll will hear a beep but keep holding down the power button. Then you will hear it beep twice quickly.

4)After you hear those two quick beeps, let go of the power button.

5)On the screen, a menu will pop up. Select "Restore File System" (Make sure you DON'T select "Restore PS3" as that WILL delete everything in your HDD)

6)Then follow the onscreen prompts.
Restoring your file system just fixes currupted data and deletes unusable data



i had issues with a different game and this worked so it should work. it won't delete anything unless it's no longer usable

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Re: Uncharted Multiplayer freezing.

Sep 12, 2012

I've tried that, but I will try it again. I think it has to do with the new items. Perhaps I downloaded a corrupted one?

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