Oct 11 2012
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Uncharted Movie - Actors that would really fit well (Opinion)

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When it comes to a movie version of Uncharted, i'm always very skeptical about who's working on it and who will be the actors. 
For an Uncharted Movie, i think it would really need the actors that not only look familiar, but also have the most familiar attidude. 

Here's my 'some' of own personal list of actors for an Uncharted Movie:

Bradley Cooper as Nathan Drake.  (Don't google him, click on the link instead)

Now his face doesn't really look that much similar to Drake, but he seems to have a VERY familiar attidude/personality and voice. 


Tommy Lee Jones as Victor Sullivan. (Link)


Tommy Lee Jones always reminded me a bit of Sully, same for his voice. I think he would be a good pick for an Uncharted Movie.

Jasan Statham as Charlie Cutter (Link)


IMO a perfect example! He looks and sounds a lot like Charlie Cutter, so could easily be a good pick. 




What are your thoughts and opinions of this? Do you know any other fitting character for a Movie version? Let me know!


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Re: Uncharted Movie - Actors that would really fit well (Opinion)

Oct 12, 2012

Now, if you really do the film, it is a good opportunity to release more games and get more profits with the franchise. It's a good time to understand what Naughty Dog has in hand a good source of profit, and not abandon the franchise, how are they doing with U2. Can also be a failure if this movie is not well made, I quote here the last two series Resident Evil, what's that? Only 3D effects and nothing more, numerous scenes in slow motion, very tiring. If you were to choose an actor for the role of Drake, it was still new, the Harrison Ford would be the guy for this role. If this film is produced, is doing good well done, keep the personality of each character as the game, and especially write a story that holds the audience, because I'm tired of this empty lot of special effects. I miss the good writers, they lack they make

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