Nov 21 2012
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Uncharted CGI movie?

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Of course, it wouldn't just be for the sake of seeing one happen. With the original cast and crew members (and a well written plot), I think it would make a great feature length title. I'm probably jumping the gun with this statement but I think it will be a long while until Uncharted 4 is released. That said, a CGI title like this would make a great-inbetween release until then.

 We've seen Uncharted in its CGI glory twice. Once in a Drake's Fortune commercial in '07 (which never had an HD master unfortunately) and in Uncharted 3, though it was very brief with Drake under low lighting.

 Choosing the best of the two to prove my point, here's the believe-it-or-not, 5 year old commercial:

   The qualty in CGI is outstanding. Now imagine that as a full-length feature film! From what I know so far, only two video game titles released their own standalone CGI movies, that being FINAL FANTASY VII and Resident Evil. All that said, I honestly don't see why Uncharted shouldn't have one of its own. 

  If you feel for this, I suggest you VOTE UP when this idea (CLICK HERE) already posted by JosQuelgu1. Would make my own idea with"CGI" in it but I think the team would find it too similar anyway. So again, vote up if you like this idea!

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Re: Uncharted CGI movie?

Aug 18, 2013

i agree 100% 

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Re: Uncharted CGI movie?

Oct 17, 2013

whoa, never seen that commercial before - thanks; and I agree. Would make for an awesome CGI movie

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