Nov 28 2012
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Uncharted 2 stopped working on Chap. 25 and now won't load back up

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I was playing uncharted 2 chapter 25 "broken paradise," i had just defeated the 3 indeginous people and was making my way through the map by shooting the blue exploding sap. i will copy paste the description from a walkthrough that can better describe the part the game screwed up on. 


"To the right of this second treasure, you'll find more of that blue sap-like substance along the trees there. Stand back and shoot at the blue substance to destroy these vines. In this next area, there will be a chasm to your right, with some bricks along the wall in front of you. Jump along the bricks, heading leftward and upward. You'll eventually gain enough leverage that you can jump backwards over the chasm, so you can hang off of a pole there. Once you're doing that, aim forward at the tree in front of you, blocking a path that you can jump into. Shoot the blue sap, and then jump through into that small room. Head leftward this time and shoot across the gap at more blue sap. This will cause the doorway below to become unblocked, so drop back down and head up the stairs"


So i just shot the sap to make that doorway become unblocked but i jumped down and im looking around and i dont see any doorway. then i notice a glitch in the map (like a rendering problem) where you can see other parts of the map (im  guessing this is where the staircase should be) i ended up jumping into it and falling forever off the map into the grey. 


eventually the grey loading screen with the dagger came up and i waited forever then pressed PS button and "quit game" which caused the system to reset. I loaded the game again and next to continue it says "broken paradise" soi hit continue and it goes to the loading screen with the sagger which keeps spinning however the music eventually starts skipping/ looping a few sounds like it froze and i am froced to quit the game which crashes/resets the system again. 


My last save game before this was about 5 hours of gameplay ago and although I like the game I'm going to be really frustrated having to replay it since I made it this far. 


Any ideas? Any fixes? What can I do? I wish i could start the chapter from the start but I can't...

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