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Uncharted 2 Tournament - 2013

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Hey everybody! It's been quite a while since I've last worked on a big project so I think this announcement is a bit overdue. So far, I am going to be hosting an Uncharted 2 tournament on Saturday March 30, following the typical tournament schedule rounds 1-2 will be played on the 30th and 31st, and rounds 3-4 the following weekend on April 6th and the 7th. So enough of me rambling on, I'm going to cut to the chase, view the following section of the post below for all the details and such, and good luck to everyone!



Match Setup

   - Team Deathmatch

   - Standard (Power Weapons)

   - 50 Kills / 20 Minutes

   - 5 versus 5


Profile Setup

  - No Situational Awareness, Launch Man, or Rocket Man

   - All skins allowed, including silent skins



Map Selection

   - Before the match is played each of the teams leaders will be able to choose one map that they wish to play on during round 1, since rounds 1-3 are best of 3 (First team to 2 wins) the first 2 matches that are played in the round will be the maps that each leader chose, and the 3rd map, if a 3rd match is needed, will be chosen by me at random. For example, if team "A" chooses the Temple, and team "B" chooses the Sanctuary, they will play the Temple and then the Sanctuary for the first 2 matches of the round, if either of the teams won both of those matches they would advance two round 2, however, if theyeach won 1 match theymust play a 3rd match to decide the winner, the map that that match will be played on will be chosen by me. The leader of a team may pick ANY map, including DLC if everyone has purchased the DLC pack in which the map is, I will not be choosing DLC maps for the 3rd matches so DLC will only be played if it is chosen by a team. The final round, round 4, will be best of 5 (First to 3 wins), each team leader will pick 1 map, and the remaining 3 will be chosen by me.


Other Rules

   - Clan "jumping" will not be allowed in this tournament. Meaning that if a player plays with one team, he can only play for the one team that he originally appeared on, if any team is later caught using other teams players the team will be disqualified from the tournament

   - No glitching of ANY kind will be tollerated in this tournament, needless to say. If a player is caught glitching than his team is autmaticaly disqualified from the tournament, lagswitching will be penalized similarly

   - If a team does not show up for their tournament matchup within 30 minutes of their scheduled time slot they will be disqualified and replaced by a reserve team, if there are no reserve teams the team that did show up will automatically advance to the next round


Entering Your Team

   - If you would like to enter your team into the tournament you must follow these simple steps

1) Add PSN: ThuggzBunney

2) Send a message to ThuggzBunney, this message must include your team name, list of atleast 4 members from your team, your team leader,and your round 1 map choice.


Date + Time

   - The tournament is set as the following section displays

Round 1   -   Saturday, March 30th @ 8:00 P.M. (London UK Time)

Round 2   -   Sunday, March 31st @ 7:00 P.M. (London UK Time)

Round 3   -   Saturday, April 6th @ 8:00 P.M. (London UK Time)

Round 4   -   Sunday, April 7th @ 7:00 P.M. (London UK Time)

   - If you do not know what your time is in London UK Time, hopefully this time zone converter will help, If you still are unsure of the match times, contact me on PSN, Youtube, or on this forum

   - These are the default set time schedules for the tournament rounds, however, you may play your matches ANY time between 1:00 P.M. - 11 P.M. (London UK Time) on the day of the tournament IF both team leaders agree to do so, and they must contact me about the time that they choose to play at


Youtube Coverage

   - All tournament matches will be posted on the Youtube channel MrThuggzBunney , they will be recorded and uploaded by IamThePeruvianBoy 


Match Confirmation

   - To confirm your matches you must send the cinema files to ThuggzBunney, all cinemas will be thouroughly reveiwed before being uploaded. Remember to keep your cinema file in your online files until they are uploaded, if they are removed before I have downloaded them I will not be able to view them. If you do not know how to senda cinema file follow this link or follow these steps

1) Open [Cinema] mode

2) Select a cinema

3) Select the [Upload] option

4) View your online files by pressing the triangle button on your PS controller

5) Select a cinema

6) Select[Send To Friends]

7) ThuggzBunney should be in your friends list if you are a team leader, so find ThuggzBunney on your friends list and send the file

  - Before you play your match I will invite you and your opponents team leader into a lobby, I will give a brief reminder of the rules and afterwards you may invite your players to the lobby to begin playing


Tournament Champions

   - Aside from bragging rights, the tournament champions will receive there own montage after the conclusion of the tournament, also the tournament MVP will be selected from the championship team and he/she will receive his/herown montage. Onthe side, rewards under consideration include an interview with the champions and $10-$20 PSN cards for the 5 main members of the championship team. We will take other suggestions for rewardsinto consideration


Concluding Notes

   - Feel free to ask any questions you have about the tournament, ask me on this forum, on PSN, or at my Youtube channel

   - Aswell as all tournament matches, my Youtube channel will include various update videos and such, so subscribe if you wish to keep updated

   - This is an organized competition so everyone is expected to abide by the rules or risk disqualification


Important Links

   - MrThuggzBunney Youtube channel

   - IamThePeruvianBoy Youtube channel

   - How to send Uncharted 2 cinema files


Teams Entered



Grzenio_PL (Leader)







ThuggzBunney (Leader)








J04115 (Leader)



Sinister_25 (Leader)



czszkojad (Leader)








tenmusu9 (Leader)













T-SocRateS-T (Leader)






[B sK]

Gobbi- (Leader)



Killer_Beast_Pro (Leader)










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