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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Info Thread- [Updated- Feb. 13, 2010]

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Last Updated: February 13, 2010
Update- February 13, 2010: New Picture (Up Above), *Down The Page* All DLC Info & Pictures, New Video (DLC), Title Updates (New Topic),  & New Characters, Weapons, and Environments Pictures.
*  Denotes the source of the quote.

All Videos of Uncharted 2 Here:

Teaser Trailer

DLC (Also In DLC Section):

General Info
Official Release Date: October 13, 2009
Developers: Naughty Dog
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment
Modes: Single Player, Multiplayer, & Co-op
Online: 2-10 players
Resolution: 720p
Rating: ESRB- Teen
Genre: Action / Adventure / Shooter
Trophies: Yes
Engine: Uncharted Engine 2.0

Official Box Art:
Title Updates
Title Update 1.05

~The cash penalty for leaving a match will now matter of your level at the time the penalty is:

  • Levels 1 – 20: -10,000
  • Levels 21 – 40 = -20,000
  • Levels 41 – 60 = -40,000
~Remove AFK Players from game.
~Bottom of the menu screen which displays select stats from the leaderboards. Screenshot: *

Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack DLC Releases- (Feb. 25, 2010) *
Screenshots: *
~New Trophies:
  • Sneaky... - Get 50 Stealth Kills

  • Brass Knuckles - Get 100 Melee Kills

  • Tastes Like Chicken - Get 20 BBQ Medals

  • Rapid Fire - Get 7 Tripled Medals in Deathmatch

  • I Told You I Was Hardcore! - Complete All 3 Co-op Objective Maps on Hard Difficulty

  • Made It - Finish Wave 10 in one Survival Game

  • Gold Digger - Finish Wave 10 in one Gold Rush Game

  • Wipe Them Out... - Win 50 Deathmatch Games

  • Plays Well With Others - Win 50 Objective Games

  • Still Alive - Win 50 Elimination Games

  • Plundered! - Get 200 Captured Medals

  • Cold Blooded - Get 2,500 Kills in Deathmatch or Elimination games
~All 12 of the new Medals will be added for everyone when Title Update 1.05 is released on Monday, February 15, 2010. ~
  • Tip Off – Be the First Player to Grab the Treasure in Plunder

  • Protectorate – Shoot and Kill 5 Enemies that were Damaging the Treasure Carrier

  • No Cigar – Kill the Treasure Carrier while They are about to Score

  • None Shall Pass – Get 5 Kills while in the Hill during a King of the Hill

  • First! – Get the First Kill of the Game

  • Finish Him! – Get the Last Kill of the Game

  • Retaliation – Kill the Last Player that Killed You

  • Defender – Kill a Player that is Actively Shooting One of Your Teammates

  • That Was Embarrassing – Earn a Shutout in Plunder

  • Put'em Down – Kill Someone in the Knockdown State with a Pistol Weapon

  • Unlucky – Die 5 Times in a Row without Getting a Kill

  • Tricky – Kill a Player with a Pistol Weapon while Hanging
~Six multiplayer skins from the original Uncharted (Drake, Elena, Atoq Navarro, Eddie Raja, Gabriel Roman and the enemy pirate Javier)

~Two new maps inspired by the original game.
1. The Flooded Ruins- Set during a lightning storm around the customs house from the first Uncharted.

2. The Facility- Submarine pens from the first game.


PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack DLC Characters - Out Now!





Will be releasing a special Fortune Hunter edition of Uncharted 2. It cannot be bought. The Fortune Hunter edition contains the game, a replica of the Phurba Dagger artifact and stand, an art book, and a collector's case autographed by Naughty Dog. It is also said to include a "host of downloads." A collector's edition of Uncharted 2 has not been announced for sale.

Only residents in the US are eligible to win. Only 200 copies will be released.

Fortune hunter Nathan Drake returns in UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™, a pulse-pounding third-person action-adventure/shooter created by award-winning developer Naughty Dog. Down on his luck, Drake is lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers he had sought to leave behind. When a mysterious artifact propels Drake on an expedition to find the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala, he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse against a fugitive war criminal who’s after more than just the fabled riches of the lost city. Caught in a web of deception and plunged into an increasingly deadly pursuit that tests the limits of his endurance, Drake will be forced to risk everything – but has his luck finally run out?




"Naughty Dog hints at a much larger cast of characters, but so far we only know of Sully and Drake’s new partner/girlfriend Chloe Frazer." *


"The biggest thing in the article is that there's a new girl named Chloe Frazer." *


"Described as a reckless and brash Australian explorer, Chloe and Drake have had a previous "relationship" and quickly find common ground with the Marco Polo case.


"Before you fire a stern letter of to ND, we can also confirm that Elena Fisher will return, we finnish up by watching a cut-scene in which Elena  gets increasingly exasperated as Drake explains why he has to save Chloe. Givenhow good the story-telling was in the original, a love triangle should spice the sequel up nicely, and whats the betting that one of the girls isn't around when the end credits roll?"  OPM UK Feburary 2009


"Tenzin is a brand new character to the series" *


 -Nathan Drake                         -Elena Fisher                            -Chloe Frazer


-Victor Sullivan                         -Tenzin                                      -Carl Schafer


(Cameraman) Jeff                   -Zoran Lazarevic                     -Lieutenant Draza



"During the gameplay demonstration, Nathan encounters military fellows --some clad in full body armor. You'll be able to instantly recognize the varying types of enemies, and know how to deal with them. It's not just guys in shirts absorbing twenty rounds from an assault rifle."*
"While the HUD is pretty much the same as the first game -- a tan rectangle featuring a picture of your gun and how many bullets you have left -- there is now a column of grenade slots on the left of the image so that you can easily see how many handheld explosives you're packing."*
"That third weapon slot became one too many. So we have opted to give the grenade its very own button. So therefore...we took out the SIXAXIS control from that just so you could access it really quick" *
"One of the weapons revealed is a rocket launcher that Chloe uses." *
"Exploring the environment, I quickly found scads of ammo and weapons, including an AK-47, SPAS Shotgun, M4, and rocket launcher." *
                  Melee                                     Suicide                                  .45 Defender                               92FS - 9mm

               Micro - 9mm                               Wes - 44                                Desert - 5                                     AK-47

                   M4                                          FAL                                    Dragon Sniper                              Moss - 12

              SAS - 12                                     RPG - 7                                     Mk-NDI                                     Pistole

               GAU - 19                                 M32 - Hammer



"While less strategic enemies can be dropped with a few rounds or punches and kicks, Drake encounters an enemy holding a riot shield, forcing him to be more creative. Disarming and dropping the enemy, he picks up the shield which helps deflect gunfire while approaching oncoming enemies. He knocks them around using the shield as a weapon." *
"During this brief firefight, we noticed a couple of interesting moments. At one point, Drake kicked over a table to gain better protection, and shortly afterward stole a riot shield from a hapless enemy to function as both mobile cover and a brutal melee weapon. " *
"Nathan ran up to the shield, jumped over it, took out the soldier, and took command of the shield" *
"Melee combat is more dynamic now."  *
Set peices
 "During the two-hour presentation, we picked up hints that allude to some big setpieces within the game. Straley hinted at a fight aboard a speeding train from Kathmandu to the Himalayas (probably the same one from the teaser trailer) as well as some moments in which Nathan jumps from vehicle to vehicle in a convoy. He also hinted that Nathan will even have to run, climb, and fight his way out of a collapsing building as it crumbles to the ground." *
"If Drake's on top of a train, he's going to be shaking with the train as it moves around. As he gets inside, his moveset is going to change, and he's going to be a lot more secure because the wind's not blowing." *
"Naughty Dog kept talking -- about the possibility of a helicopter shooting out the foundation of a building and Nathan having to navigate his way out of the crumbling structure while the enemies around him try and do the same thing" *

 "Stealth kills can apparently net you more grenades or better weapons in the right situations, and using cover keeps you safe from soldiers’ line of sight as well as bullets." *
"And players can now toss grenades much more freely with a simple press of the L2 button instead of having to select them with the d-pad" *
"When he is around enemies that don’t see him he’ll automatically quiet his footsteps (without much of an affect to his speed) and use stealth attacks when a melee button is pushed." *
"Adding in what we’re calling “action-stealth” to give you the choice to go in guns blazing or take out a few adversaries unnoticed before engaging the rest of them." *
"Blending together our climbing and shooting into what we call “traversal gunplay” so you can now be in gun combat in the middle of climbing, swinging on a rope, hanging from a ledge or sign…you can shoot pretty much from anywhere, anytime you want." *
"The Sixaxis mechanics were ditched for such things as throwing grenades." *
"Weapons can be used in any stance (running, behind cover, hanging, climbing a wall, etc.)." *
"You can now move while aiming behind cover." *
"Climbing seems improved upon. You can climb lamp posts now among other new things." *
"If there is an enemy patrolling a rooftop you're climbing a wall to, you can pull him off the roof while hanging on the wall."  *
"Like I said though, being quiet is just one half of the equation. After running from the oven to silently killing the straggler, Nate whipped out his gun and started a traditional Uncharted firefight complete with cover, crosshairs, and headshots." *

 Time scale
 "It is in the vicinity of two to three years . It is a decent amount of time." *
"What’s happened to Drake, since it’s pretty obvious he’s a bit scruffier, down on his luck and he’s definitely running with way shadier people than before." *
"So, there's a couple weeks timeframe before that moment kicks in and there are a couple of gaps in time during that period." *

Competitve Multiplayer

"There were two modes available at the hands-on event -- Team Deathmatch and Plunder (Uncharted 2's take on Capture the Flag)" *


"The developers really have embraced verticality; offering plenty of opportunities to take the fight to higher ground, while keeping sightlines open across sections of each battlefield." *


"I discovered assignable talents called "boosters" that include abilities like improved accuracy when aiming down iron sights while moving and increased pistols damage." *


"There will also be a "cinema" replay mode that captures full matches with free camera control, and a stat-tracking website." *


"You don't need to learn where all the sniping points are when you can shoot from halfway up a wall." *


"Teams are split into heroes and villains, the former a cast of scruffy, bare-headed adventurers including Drake himself, the latter a shadier bunch of black-clad goons." *


"Naughty Dog set out to create a multiplayer mode that wouldn’t foster cheating, so after two team kills or other negative behavior the host will automatically have the ability to boot a player" *


"At the start of the game we were dropped in the middle of a crumbling city full of cramped alleyways, decrepit buildings, and copious amounts of waist-high walls." *


"There are helpful icons on the screen indicating which team is currently in possession of the treasure, and where they are in relation to you." *


"In addition, since you're carrying this huge treasure, your pistol is the only choice if you have to fight back"  *


Co-operative Multiplayer

"I was surprised to find that felt like a mash-up of Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2's Horde mode." *


" enemies spawn from all directions."  *


"The co-op maps have red dots that indicate where you work together to overcome obstacles and barriers." *


"chaingun-wielding grunts would open fire at one of us making a break from cover into the open" *


"Fallen comrades stay alive for a little while and can be revived on the spot if you get to them in time, otherwise they'll respawn at the last checkpoint." *


" can even be mixed and matched with other multiplayer modes" *


"co-op won’t offer split-screen play" *


"In addition to Drake, you'll be able to control two new characters in co-op play: Chloe and Sully." *


Load Times

 "Essentially, we are installing as you are playing. So, as you are playing through the game, we know what part is coming up next because it is a roughly linear experience" *

  "The overall experience is going to be longer, just from sitting down and playing the game. There will also be more reasons to go in there and play it a second, third, or tenth time" *

 "Uncharted 2 game director Bruce Straley has revealed that the hotly anticipated adventure sequel will incorporate two all-new AI behaviour patterns as a result of the games inclusion of stealth-action elements. As a result of expanding our gameplay to account for action-stealth, there are two new behaviours added to enemies, 'investigate' and 'hunt'." *

"If the enemies lose eye contact with Drake for a few seconds, one or more enemies will start hunting around the area, starting with his last known location, and then spread their search out if he's not found." *
"Furthermore, the game’s enemies are just as nimble as Drake, possessing the ability to climb up ledges and leap across gaps in order to locate his whereabouts – a feature that in turn allows for a much more varied game environment. If they are to hunt for Drake they'll need the ability to climb on the environment, jump across gaps, and drop down from ledges to get to him. The benefit to this was our combat wasn't limited to flat terrain anymore" *

 "Uncharted 2 is now officially being advertised in Playstation Home You can clearly see a few billboards from the central area, and if you enter the theater, you can see the new trailer that was shown during the VGA awards late last year. You can also view the trailer in one of the secret rooms in the Uncharted Home space. A short preview of the newest trailer/screenshots can be seen in the North American Home Theater of Playstation Home, which started showing on January 8, 2009." *

 "This entry follows the adventures of protagonist Nathan Drake as he uncovers the mysteries behind 13th-century explorer, Marco Polo, and the ships that he "lost" while returning home to Italy. Drake is looking for the Cintamani Stone, a crystal which is said to grant the holder of it a wish, but someone else is also seeking the treasure." *
"The game apparently starts out in a museum where Drake lifts an artifact that sets him on Marco Polo’s trail, eventually leading him to a swamp in the South Pacific, then to Nepal and the Himalayas in the search for Shambala and the legendary Cintamani Stone – a huge sapphire possibly worth billions."  *

 "The score is being composed by Greg Edmonson (same guy from Uncharted 1)." *

 "We're not getting rid of the medal system -- we're going to have the Trophy system as well as the medal system so we can have that many more unlockables and bonuses to give out" *
"Yeah, we were looking at tapping into Trophies and how far you've gotten in unlocking stuff in the last game to reward the owners and Platinum holders of Uncharted 1 in Uncharted 2, but those details, we just haven't worked out yet."  *
Drake's Resume:



The Village -

Ice Cave -

The Train Wreck -

The Lost City -


The Fort -

The Plaza -


The Temple -

The Sanctuary -

Nepal - 


 "We've already revealed that Drake will find himself in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas and in a war-torn Nepalese city. However, you'll definitely see a broad variety of new places in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. By the time you've completed the game, you will have visited a diverse set of environments throughout Asia – from lush tropical locations and urban locales, to the snow and ice of the far Himalayas."*

"With that, the adventure is on and said to take Chloe and Nate from snowy mountain tops to cities packed with temples to murky swamps and beyond." IGN" *


 "Maybe it’s just the myriad of war games with muted palettes that have fazed me, but this thing felt like a breath of fresh air." *


"The environments in Uncharted 2 are much more varied than in Drake's previous adventure, which made it extremely important for us to provide a sense of continuity as you play through the game." *






 "All the cool things the Naughty Dog Engine 2.0 can do now, like pushing way more polygons than before, an overhaul of lighting and shadowing, complex enemy A.I., snow shaders and subsurface scattering, fur shading, new physics engine, audio obstruction occlusion…the list goes on and on and on." *

"In Uncharted 2, every character fully interacts with the dynamic geometry moving around them, and environments in the background are real parts of the game world"  *
" We know off the bat that it's a cut-scene. However, just like the first Uncharted, the cut-scenes are rendered utilizing the in-game engine, so we can expect the game to look pretty close to what was shown. Naughty Dog has already confirmed that the teaser trailer was rendered in real time, which looked identical graphically to this new trailer." *
"With this in mind, one of the first things you can see that have been improved is the texture work. Everything from facial textures and hair to various environmental aspects, the texture work has obviously seen a significant improvement. In addition, the lighting effects and depth of field seems to be enhanced." *
"With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the way, it's almost surprising to see that Naughty Dog is able to improve upon the graphics and turn out something even more spectacular than its predecessor." *
"Stunning they might be, but there's only so much you can extrapolate without slipping into the realms of fanciful speculation." *




"Naughty Dog has stated that they hope to utilize nearly 100 percent of the PlayStation 3’s power for adventure sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, where as its predecessor used only 30-40 percent." *


"In the first game, they used two different character models for cut-scenes and gameplay, but now they have the same character model for both. They also proved to us that the scene in the VGA trailer was indeed real time, showing us the scene again and moving the camera around inside and outside of the train in 3D space." *





 "Is that an ancient Tibetan ritual dagger in your pocket," she says all sexy-like. "Well, maybe I'm just happy to see you," Nate replies.  *


There have been two artefacts referenced so far that will appear in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:


 The Cintamani Stone: a wish-fulfilling jewel within both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Reference in many interviews. More Info


 The Phurba: a three-sided peg, stake like ritual implement traditionally associated with Tibetan Buddhism. Seen in the teaser trailer.  More Info



 Kudos are appreciated, Thank you. Enjoy the thread.

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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 10, 2008
you know that those pics are fake right?? this has been posted before....
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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 10, 2008

Hes just tryin to re-build some hype  Smiley Tongue


It says not confirmed right on it...

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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 10, 2008
Man I gotta get uncharted back, especially before this game is released. I can't believe it's not a greates hits game by now? Anyone got word on when that might happen?
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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 10, 2008

Heisem wrote:
you know that those pics are fake right?? this has been posted before....

yeah i know i just put it on ther so would be a cover lol

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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 11, 2008
cool man. ucharted is awesome. a sequel will be nice
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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 11, 2008
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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 11, 2008
I don't think you even realise what you've just done to me! I was like: Holy Grapefruit! The box art looks so real at first glance! Rawr! Ah well, this was an awesome idea anyways! Maybe we can hope for Atlantis to be in the next game anyways...just a little hope.

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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 11, 2008
uncharted is not as popular as it deserves to be..i think the top reason motorstorm is because alot of people bought it with the bundle and since theyre going to release the 160gb ps3 with the uncharted bundle is a good idea since uncharted 2 might not be that far away this year....i think
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Re: Uncharted 2 Information Thread - [November 9, 2008]

Nov 11, 2008

Kappa wrote:
Man I gotta get uncharted back, especially before this game is released. I can't believe it's not a greates hits game by now? Anyone got word on when that might happen?

They will probabally release it when the sales for it decrease a little bit. Uncharted is still selling off the shelves, and they are about to bundle it with the 160gb PS3 Smiley Tongue

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