Sep 18 2011
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UNCHARTED: Kuo's Misconception Last Update. (I seem to like rendering rocks)

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Oh hey, yo, wazzup?


So it seems like there's only 4 weeks left until my semester offically finish my second year, and my comic is due in 2 weeks from now. However, the reason why I'm updating this because I'm letting you know (for those who care) that it's in the inking process and it does take alot of my time doing the drawing and shadowing.


Before I start gobbling, this is the primary information I'm going to reveal:


UNCHARTED: Kuo's Misconception (1 Chapter)

Material: 22 A3 pages, Black and White outline with cross shading

Print: Hardcopy (22 A4 size pages), and Digital (PDF. format)

Colours: No

Release Date: October 4th, 2011


Chapter 1 Blurb:


3 months after his trip of searching Cintimani Stone, Nathan Drake founds out he have other debts to pay up and need to have cash quickly. Chloe Frazer, who's able to catch up with Drake discussing about a client who's willing to pay big bucks if she can find the mysterious pattern "Pandora's Dagger". However, the only clue they can get into is the Unstable Temple in Peru, the comic starts from here...


There you go, that's the primary things you need to know. Here's some pictures for work of progress thus far.


Rendering Rocks is a B*tch.



Final Sketch before Inking: Chloe Frazer



Nate's famous "Oh crap." line, during a trouble event in Kuo's Misconception.


Things to consider:

- Final Production I mentioned 2 months ago is 3 stages, Final Sketching, Inking and Lettering, this means I already done everything else (Research, Concept sketches, Script, Areas, Ideation, Pre-Alpha stage of Comic), so when I print my hardcopy, this is it.


- The Uncharted franchise have always maintained its top quality, this means that I have to be competitive to be the best for Australia Gestalt attention.


- The new character, Hayden Kuo, many of students (mostly females) have received some surprisingly positive comments on the design itself.


- As you can see in both pictures, Chloe and Drake have new looks.


...and That's it.


See you guys soon.






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Awesome. Really looking forward to this.

Sep 18, 2011

Awesome. Really looking forward to this.


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Sep 19, 2011

Oh yay! You put up some stuff. :smileyvery-happy:


Looks great so far. :smileyhappy:

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