Aug 20 2012
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 The new home of competitive Uncharted 3 is sure to be welcomed with open arms by not only the North American and European UC3 scenes, but players from across the entire globe, who will come together under one roof and work together in order to bolster the competitive community.


Check out the website:
Follow UCN on Twitter:
Subscribe to UCN on YouTube:

What you can expect from UCNation?


- A forum filled with passionate Uncharted forums

- Regular news and content directly related to uncharted and the uncharted community

- An active youtube channel filled with content

- Matches being streamed from tournaments and competitive game

- A push to try and make the Uncharted scene more noticeable. Online tournaments and offline LAN events

- And much more



Please sign up to the forum and post around, and let your friends know too. We're planning big friends and have some of the biggest names within the Uncharted community helping to drive this site forward.

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Re: UCNation

Aug 20, 2012

Forgot to mention that we are building a Media page so that we can broadcast peoples YouTube content to those who otherwise would know nothing about it. 

Twitter: @TryceUp

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Re: UCNation

Sep 5, 2012
Site has a lot of potential & is in the right hands, sign up!
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