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Re: This is getting ridiculous...

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Jan 6, 2013

willi_5115 wrote:

I'm thinking of taking a seriously long break from Uncharted 3. This game is ridiculous. I'm sick of so many things in Uncharted 3, and I don't know how some people think it's the best game in existance. Having a short temper, this game easily pisses me off to the point where I want to break the disc and never play it again. Why am I starting to hate this game? Read below.



- UNFAIR TEAMS: I hate being put into a match where one team is full of all good players ranked at level 75 while the other teams are all non-legacy low ranked players.   You hate being matched against good players... I'm sorry but you don't get to noob stomp all day. Smiley Very Happy


- GETTING PUT INTO A MATCH ALREADY OVER:    Pointless much?  Barely ever happens, not a problem. 


- GETTING PUT INTO A MATCH THAT WE'RE LOSING:    Dumb.    I'd bet you'd also be the one complaining that when your teammates quit no one joined the match to have a 5 on 5 game. 


- KAL-7 RATE OF FIRE:   **bleep** stupid.     Only if you can't aim...


- G-MAL STRAFFERS:    Tryhard noobs who think they're the **bleep** at this game.    Better than blindfire scrubs. And the G-MAL takes a lot of skill to use. Once again, you are complaining because people are better than you. Smiley Very Happy


- GRENADE SPAMMERS:    The only way they can get a kill.  Not that much of a problem. A month or so ago, maybe, but it soon died out. 


- MEGA BOMB OVERPOWERED:   It'll kill you from a huge distance. It's called MEGA BOMB. And if it was so overpowered, then it'd be more prevalent. It's not that popular, therefore its not OP. 


- THE 'QUICK TIPS' **bleep** VIDEOS:   These two clowns are teaching tryhards like themselves to be an idiot, with the 'Wack N' Roll' and 'Tap A Nade'.   Ummm... this is so stupid that it deserves no responce. Don't believe me? Just ask and I will prove it too you without a shadow of a doubt. 


- 5-PERSON PARTIES FULL OF STAR LEVEL 75'S WITH A 3.00 K / D RATIO-    Low lifes.  ...That's their problem. How does this effect you? Oh yeah, you don't like playing against people better than you. 


- SKELETONS:   Because they're harder to kill due to size.    ..... You really don't know what you're talking about, do you? 


- FAL OVERPOWERED:    6 shots to kill. Really?     ......Once again, you demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the game and of actual problems. 


-G-MAL OVERPOWERED:    Three bursts to kill.       Same. 


- AK-47 UNDERPOWERED:     No wonder why nobody uses it.    I use it all the time, and I will own you all the time with it. 


- FALLING OFF CLIMBABLE OBJECTS BECAUSE ANOTHER PLAYER CLIMBED UP ON THE SAME PLACE:  **bleep**. Yep, THIS is what makes or breaks the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, right here.  


And many many more...  Just like those. Just as illegitimate as the others. 



This is a rage thread. No legitimate issues were brought up. There are problems with this game. Not a single of the aforementioned "issues" are one of them. You definately don't know what you're talking about. But thank you, I had a fun time destroying your arguements. Smiley Happy Seriously, if you have any more "issues" put them in the rage thread. 


EDIT: "This is getting ridiculous..." Yes. Yes, this getting ridiculous... about what people will complain about.

Wipe that smile off your face and get your tryhard face on!!!


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Re: This is getting ridiculous...

Jan 7, 2013


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Re: This is getting ridiculous...

Jan 9, 2013
Garbage whiner is garbage. Apparently he wants the gmal to be seven bursts to kill and the fal to be 15 hit kill so his beastly double melee technique works. Go play littlebigplanet.
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Re: This is getting ridiculous...

Jan 13, 2013
I took a break for a short time (3 months >_>) cause I lagged so hard every match. Suprisingly, I came back and it was gone. c; I still have a really horrible win to lose match ratio. ;c And it makes everyone think Im a ragequiter.
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Re: This is getting ridiculous...

Jan 16, 2013

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Re: This is getting ridiculous...

Apr 11, 2013

- UNFAIR TEAMS: I hate being put into a match where one team is full of all good players ranked at level 75 while the other teams are all non-legacy low ranked players.... Rank/Level/Legacy mean NOTHING!


- GETTING PUT INTO A MATCH ALREADY OVER:- ...It Happens now and than but not that often, just stinks that if you leave it counts as a loss on YOU, THAT is dumb!


- GETTING PUT INTO A MATCH THAT WE'RE LOSING: , yeah that does s u c k , but kill more, flank your team mates, watch their backs and be a help and even the score up!


- KAL-7 RATE OF FIRE:   It's a little high and yeah, it can tend to start firing straight up so I fire it in short bursts and have no problem getting 200+ kills with it, wish it was available in every co-op map!


- G-MAL STRAFFERS: ... OK, I dont get why every noob picks these up either, so they have a scope, big deal, scopes are USELESS at close range and when your under fire from say a Brute and have no time for scope aiming when your in a hurry to kill! which is why I always keep the faster auto firing AK or I get the M9 or Micro arm, In my UC expierience, faster rate of fire IS somewhat better!


- GRENADE SPAMMERS: ...  I myself HATE the newbs and j e r k s who cant get kills unless they hurl 10,000 grenades or RPG's at everyone and everything and they dont think or look to see where mates are first, especially in CO-OP!, and especially the i d i o t s who have yet to figure out that if you HOLD L1 and Aim than throw the grenade where your recticle is pointing WHILE holding L1, that is where the grenade will go, much better and more acurate than just holding the L2 and watching the stupid "Arc" lob them nowhere near an enemy!.. Only times I use grenades are to help weaken the Brutes or an armoured soldier, but only the ones with the shotguns, the ones with the M9 I LOVE to go toe to toe and shoot it out with, I win 99 out of 100 times and get me a sahweet M9!


- MEGA BOMB OVERPOWERED:  Megabomb is actually UNDERpowered which is why no one uses it!, just remember on harder difficulty matches (co-op) enemies take a couple more bullets or grenades to kill. Cluster Bombs work OK against Brutes but it doesnt always kill them, good for when your getting rushed by 4 or 5 enemies at the same time in a seige round!


- THE 'QUICK TIPS' **bleep** VIDEOS:  ALL those videos really are stupid and USELESS and do seem as if they ARE made by retarded 11 tear olds! if you have some common gaming sense and don't play like a tryhard failure newb and PLAY the maps enough to know where enemies and weapons spawn you'll have no problem!


- 5-PERSON PARTIES FULL OF STAR LEVEL 75'S WITH A 3.00 K / D RATIO-  A players rank or level means NOTHING! I have faced some of the highest legacy fools out there and MOST of them are freeloader scrubs who get/have very FEW kills and are never helpful mates and only get ocassional cheap kills from camping far far behind the team mates who are doing all the work! You A-sian kids know what I'm talking about, ya'll camp out like BoyScouts playing Call Of Doody!, YOU CANT CAMP in UC3!!! LOL


- SKELETONS:  Thats just nonsense right there son, all figures on screen are the same size footprint which doesnt matter anyway, AIM for the HEADS!


- FAL OVERPOWERED:  It's neither under or overpowered, it's just a semi auto weapon, I get plenty of kills with it, it's just too slow firing for MY taste, I USE the AK or M9, Newbs love to use it cause it has a scope but then they wonder why they got downed every 5 seconds than wondered why their team mates got tired of reviving them every 5 seconds and stopped bothering! LOL


-G-MAL OVERPOWERED:    Three bursts to kill. Sure If you cant aim


- AK-47 UNDERPOWERED:  I use nothing but an AK (or an M9) in Co-Op arena all the time and you'll see I'm the guy there with 175-225+ kills while everyone else has 35-40 cause they cant aim, shoot and kill!


- FALLING OFF CLIMBABLE OBJECTS BECAUSE ANOTHER PLAYER CLIMBED UP ON THE SAME PLACE:  It stinks but it happens, not really a big deal though.  which is why I try to stay just far enough away from mates so they DONT cause me to fall, shoot me, blow me up or steal my kills, but i'm still close enough to them so I can get to them to revive them when they go down, which they ALL do! LOL


And many many more... Like what? Only 2 glitches I hate is in UC2 AND UC3 there are the spots in the maps in both 2 and 3 where if your running past you all of a sudden get slapped right into a wall or thrown into the wall or ground and killed (bitmapping error?), meanwhile you DIDNT even get shot or blownup, mystery death! .. or the glitch in UC3 when you sometimes run out of ammo and go pick up another weapon, you stand there with your arms out looking like your holding a long gun but theres NO long gun in your hand and when you fire there are no bullets hitting enemies but the arms are recoiling like your shooting stuff!! LOL Those happen to me a LOT and yeah, I do have the cinema clips proving it happens! LOL ... Just sounds like a frustrated beginner who needs some gamer tips/help, hope he's learned some here, otherwise I can give him a lot of other game tips and help!

I Kill Newbs, especially the BAD ONES!
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