Sep 22 2012
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Super Voucher

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I purchased the Uncharted dual pack and got a Super Voucher with it. I did not realize it had an experation date on it. I went to use it and found out I was about a week late. I paid for this content, that's why I bought it. Now nobody wants to help me get what I bought I prooved it was unused with a scan of the unscratched code. All I ask is that I get what I paid for.

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Re: Super Voucher

Sep 22, 2012

I thought all U2 DLC was free... go to PS Store, see if they're still free, if not... then you lost money, sorry!

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Re: Super Voucher

Aug 13, 2013

You weren't suppose to realize the voucher had a expiration date.  You were only suppose to lose money at get suckered in.  This is organized crime you're dealing with. 

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