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Re: Spawn Fix ASAP

Mar 15, 2010

The game just basically said "***k you and your team". Why do I say this .....


Village, TDM,


Tank just entered the map, I just died, upon respawn I spawn IN FRONT the tank, dead. Respawn, this time with 2 other teammates, IN FRONT the tank, dead. Respawn, this time the my entire team is with me and to my surprise 1 enemy player,  this time not in front the tank, BUT UNDER IT.


But that's not the best part. After the tank incident my entire team continuously spawns in the same spot for the rest of the game. The spawn between the desert eagle and grenade launcher. Only to get sniper and blow up every time and they were 2 guys near the shield  who would just shoot us in the back when we spawned.


By far the worst I have encountered.

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Re: Spawn Fix ASAP

Mar 16, 2010



The same thing happened me last night when I played the village.  I respawned right in front of the tank!


i always get put in the worst spot like where five of my enemies see me and I get gunned down immediately or someone's right behind me.  It sucks.

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