Aug 28 2012
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Persistently unable to connect, but don't worry, I can dress up Drake with a new hat!

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I must preface my next statement with the following: Uncharted is without doubt, my all time favourite gaming franchise. Period. But wow, Uncharted 3, oh how the mighty has fallen. A catalogue of online faults always proceeding from new updates has made my online gaming experience at best taxing and at worst, non-existent. From 10 minutes waiting for the seemingly never-ending ring at the loading screen (only to have to force shut down my console), to spending (on average) 40mins - 1 hour logging into the network, to receiving error message after error message (different each time, bizzarely) when trying to connect, to being kicked off the network at later rounds on Co-op Arena (on Crushing mode, round 9, 2 players! 'Nuff said!) , to being a repeated victim to serious lagging issues in Co-op Arena, leading to an inability to revive team mates in time despite on your own screen appearing as if you have healed them! And now this...! Following the latest update, when at last I can log online, I end up being frozen out at the 'Welcome to Uncharted 3' screen! Several reboots later, 12 more minutes of watching the silver spinning ring as if I were in a Always-The-Bridesmaid-Never-The-Bride's subconscious and 20 million more attempts at connecting only to read every error message that could possibly be generated, I found myself frozen again at the Welcome screen! Unable (ironically) to read through the patch information, I have given up on Uncharted 3 online! I refuse to have to force shut down and risk harming my PS3 files in order to play a defective game even when it works. But it's ok. The word on the street is that when it does finally work and I can get online, I can purchase new hats for my avatar. Awesome. That's exactly what I need. No need for patches, just a fashion fix-up will do.  

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