Jul 11 2012
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Objective and Plunder Win Indicator

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it's not possible to tell from games who won a Plunder or an Objective in many cases.


If one team has 5 captures in a Plunder, tallied by player, it's obvious.


But if players have dropped out of the game, their tally isn't shown.


So, a Plunder that says, for example, that one team totalled 4 and one totalled 3 captures, couuld be a 4-3 win, or any other score from: 5-4 either way or 5-3.


And in objective, only the points are shown.   I've often won a match where the other team won KotH handily, but we won TDM, MMM and Turf War, winning the match, but our points total is meagre compared to the enemy.


Can we have a "Villains" or "Heroes" won indicator?

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Re: Objective and Plunder Win Indicator

Jul 20, 2012
U2's stat site did all this, and was practically perfect. They should just revert back to that style for U3 imo. They took away the useful stuff, and left us with, not the fish.
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