Nov 01 2012
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New bugs and glitches ND should fix..

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I bought my GOTY a couple of weeks ago and I have been enjoying it until some certain big issues came up.

First, the team objective and plunder game. Why would Naughty Dog's server let people JOIN in a game that's almost finished? You are certain to lose? I have joined in a few games that ended soon as I join in without even aiming!! Counted as a loss.
Secondly, after all the updates, there are still glitches on the maps. Like museum for example. During the team objective game, one guy who is a "marked man" hid through the wall!! It's impossible to kill him. He killed himself after they won the match.
Thirdly, people with bad connections SHOULD NOT be mixed with people who pay good money for a faster broadband. It ruins it and it can be very annoying. You can surely categorise the players by connections.

Naughty Dog, if you're reading this, please don't let this issues ruin a great experience for serious gamers. Fix it please.
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