Nov 01 2011
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Nathan Drake: All Hands...

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Nate and Sully are just outside a bar where a murder's taken place. Sully is leaning against the wall, Nate has his hand against it, it's moving every now and then.

Nate: Sully, give me the lowdown.
Sully: Murder scene, possible ancestor of Marco Polo.

Nate: Interesting, lets go inside.
Nate moves his hand off the wall and puts it back up again. He follows Sully into the bar where a cop holds the door open for them. Nate pushes the door a little with his hands. Sully leads him over to the body.

Nate: Wow.

Nate bends down and starts touching the body with his ungloved hands. The police freak as Sully panics.
Sully: What the hell do you think you're doing kid? I taught you better than that!
Nate: Sorry.
Nate removes his hands and grabs a chair to pull himself up. He spots a wall with bloodstains and walks up to examine it . Suddenly Nate puts his hands up against the wall and inadvertently wipes the blood off.

Female Cop: Alright, that's enough.

She walks over to him, ready to throw him out as Nate turns and his hands turn with him...


I love Uncharted 3, but Nate needs to keep his hands to himself sometimes! :smileyvery-happy:

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