Nov 28 2011
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My thoughts.....

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I know being my first post on this forum pretty much everyone on here could care less about what I have to say, but I felt the need to post in hopes that I could be heard by at least 1 PS3 game developer.  Now coming from pc 1st person shooter games (I think you all know where this is going) I can't express the sheer amount of frustration I have towards the controls for this game and the 1st one.  I really really really (I could go all day here) want to play these games and have fun, but I absolutely cannot play 1st person shooters on a console with a controller, I can't do it. period.  I  have a career and a family, and I don't have time to learn myself over again on how to control the aiming on these.  Why O why is there not an option for an auto-aiming function (a la grand theft auto) for at least the single player version?  I could give a (insert favorite explitive) about the multi-player portion of any game, as stated previously (having career, family, etc) I don't have time to teach myself how to be "leet" at any game let alone, going online just to have some 8 year old kill me every 3 seconds because I can't get the aiming reticle to point anywhere near the horizon.  Furthermore, why doesn't any console come up with a native mouse aiming accessory?  I don't get it.  I would happily ditch my $2000 pc in favor of buying EVERY 1st person shooter game on the market for console.  Why aren't sony and microsoft realizing this?  Seriously I would, no joke.  Sure the graphics are better on pc, but I wouldn't have to deal with hardware compatability and the worry of not knowing if the game will work when it comes out.  Example:  I pre-ordered COD Black Ops a month before it came out, and my pc is beast let me tell you, but when midnight struck and they opened the gates for me to wreak havok on some newbs, do you know what happened?  I stared unbelievingly at my machine as I realized that the game was broken for pc, I had to wait 2 weeks before a patch was released so that I could experience the awesomeness that wasn't CODBO.  The feeling of being cheated ran high in my blood.  So please Naughty Dog help us willing pc converts to make the switch and see if you can put a bug in Sony's ear and get this taken care of for me?  k thx

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Re: My thoughts.....

Dec 22, 2011

Please use grammar. I couldn't understand one thing.

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