Nov 04 2012
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Multiplayer Account Reset, pre-paid tournament tickets LOST. How can I get a refund?

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I paid for 200 tournament tickets for Uncharted 3.


This week, my Uncharted 3 multiplayer account was rest. This "reset" is a known bug with your game that has happened to many people (documented on your website). While it is incredibly frustrating to lose a year's worth of progress, that is just "game statistics". However, I paid real money for your tournament tickets and when the account was reset, the remaining tournament tickets were gone with everything else.


That is NOT acceptable.


I contacted SONY customer support and explained the issue. I just heard back from them with an e-mail saying "According to our Terms of Service, all sales are final. For more information please check the Terms of Service and User Agreement."


So I bought something you offered through your game, and due to a KNOWN glitch in your game I lost the product I paid for.

Will Naughty Dog be able to help me get a refund for the lost tournament tickets? I'd prefer not to have to deal with complaints to the Better Business Bureau, but I will certainly pursue that course of action if your company does not help me reclaim what I paid for.


I appreciate your support.



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