Dec 24 2012
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Moving outside the parameters of the Rub al Khali

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Heya! So the chapter in the desert in Uncharted 3 is one of if not, THE favourite "chapter" in a video game to date for me. I have messed around A LOT in the desert and here are some of the stuff I have managed to pull off Smiley Very Happy. ________________________ Day 1: Stage 1 - Entering the desert What did I do? - I was able to walk backwards and force my way through the invisible walls that don't allow you to move. With that, I explored freely and even went to take a look at the crashed cargoplane without initiating the cutscene. Video = ________________________ So I reached the conclusion that I cannot do anything in Stage 2 with the camera panning and showing the insane scenery as well as the Stage 3 one with the well, although I am going to revisit Stage 3. Anyhow this brings me to Stage 4 - Hallucinations. ________________________ Day 2: Stage 4 - Hallucinations What did I do? - I managed to once again go through the invisible wall and make my way directly to the hallucination of water and palm trees. The poem starts and fades, I see the well, but instead of going to the well, I sneak up behind Sully and there you have it. Drake and Sully in the Rub Al' Khali. Pictures = (Even Drake can't believe it xD) ________________________ Day 3: Stage X - Work in progress Will update and bump when and if I manage to do more!
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