Jan 30 2012
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Missing Stats as well as Stucked at "Connecting"

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Greeting, I have posted my issue at Technical Support section

for over a week and haven't get a single answer on it. Seem my issue also included profile stats unavailable at ND uncharted 3 stats, so I may as well post at here, trying to get solution to fix this issue.

My account details as below:

PSN email:

PSN nick: StrikeFred0m89

PSN region: Malaysia

By performing stats checking at the given link, I only have the "Last Played Match" in my stats, while all other related statistic (K/D Ratio, Played Time, Weapon Accuracy and whatever you named) are gone. Together with this issue my account was no longer able to login into MP as it forever stucked at Connecting screen. I assume that the login session was unable to find my profile stats to be displayed in MP.

I am having this issue for roughly 2 weeks, and I beg your attention on this issue, thank you and best regards.

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