Sep 24 2011
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Like Playstation, Unique Montages, Epic Fan Made Trailers? :D

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Hi there  I'm Neo!  And if you answered yes to any of the above 3 then do I have something for you!  I'm an amateur video editor trying to make it big

in the industry . I edit for pure enjoyment and to provide something unique and awesome for people to watch!  I'm just now opening a Brand New Gaming 

youtube channel! I'll be uploading Trailers that I've made from either recorded content, or from provided content.  I'm also I think a very skilled Montage maker!  

And I'm not just talking about your typical montage where you take a recording of you playing, getting some good kills and then just throwing it in a video with music.

No. I'm talking about I go all out with my Montages! Especially my Uncharted 2 Montages. I use the game's cinema mode to create unique and quality Montages!  Synced as best I can with the music used! So if all of this sounds good/interesting head on over to my brand new channel!!!!  I just finished and uploaded my new trailer advertising

the account! It features multiple games including a few Playstation exclusives such as Resistance 3, Uncharted 2, and Killzone 3!!! I hope you enjoy it and I hope you'll check out my channel!  Thanks a lot guys! PS. My channel's name is NeosTheater. 



Link to trailer:


                         Signed, Neo.

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