Nov 21 2013
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Improving the new UNCHARTED

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Some suggestions and ideas to make the UNCHARTED gameplay more fluid, fun and realistic.


Now the characters intelligently foresee their bodies before, during and after perform or suffer actions.

Something similar to what happens in the engine of the EA Sports Madden NFL 25 and FIFA 14.


The characters accommodate their bodies depending on the location and type of object before realistically reach their hands and TOUCH it.

Something like what already happens in The Last of Us but more realistic, no more hover hand.


Maybe implement a weapon scheme similar to the The Last of Us, where you can have more weapons?

In the case of changing weapons, the character would drop his gun first and then get the other.

No more picking up a weapon and your current weapon just fall on the ground.


Ammo  will not be replenished in the weapons of the map instead it will be replenished in ammo boxes or in the enemy outfit.


Roll overs, dives, slides, side jumpings and rappels are welcome if they're realistic and agile.

A bit of Max Payne 3, maybe?


Rigid, sharpened and with tip stuff can be used as melee weapons.


Put the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception melee combat system in the multiplayer too.

Dodges and blocks instead of just attacks.

The multiplayer style of God of War: Ascension, maybe?


The effects below I'm sure gonna be present but need to be realistic and have more permanence (not disappear after appearing):


  • Clothes and hair soaked, sweaty and dirty of grass, sand, dust, mud etc...
  • Footprints.
  • Bullet Holes.
  • Explosions Holes and stains.
  • All types of stains (blood, tint, oils...).


GORE is part of realism so:


Got punched? Dribble, blood and bruises!

Got shot? Bullet holes and blood!

Fell from too high? Broken legs and blood!

A bomb exploded? Torn clothes, dirty and blood!

A bomb exploded on you? You to pieces and blood!


Feel free to add more and share your thoughts!

I apologize in advance for any grammatical error, I'm Brazilian.


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Re: Improving the new UNCHARTED

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Nov 22, 2013

Some of that stuff is to valiant for a T rated game soooo knock that stuff of and the rest is good. Good list.

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